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Technique Overview Echocardiography and surgical techniques for retrograde cardioplegia-coronary sinus cannulation during minimally invasive cardiac valve surgery Overview The use of retrograde cardioplegia has become a standard during valvular heart surgery and often is essential for the successful performance of minimally invasive cardiac valve surgery. Michael G. Moront, MD Cardiothoracic Surgeon The Toledo Hospital Toledo, Ohio, USA The views and teaching techniques expressed are those of medical professionals and not necessarily the views of Medtronic. Additional care and caution may be necessary due to the unique adaptations required for minimally invasive techniques. Extreme caution should be exercised while introducing the cannula into the coronary sinus. Do not force the cannula into the coronary sinus as this may cause vessel damage. Successful cannulation of the coronary sinus for retrograde cardioplegia, in minimally invasive procedures, routinely requires transesophageal echocardiographic (TEE) guidance and a coordinated effort between the operating Cardiac Surgeon and the Cardiac Anesthesiologist. Consistent TEE visualization of the coronary sinus is clearly the most critical factor for successful coronary sinus cannulation The intent of this monograph is to serve as a brief instructional guide for both the Cardiac Surgeon and the Cardiac Anesthesiologist in the placement of a new retrograde cardioplegia cannulae specifically designed for minimally invasive valve surgery. These innovative retrograde cardioplegia cannulae have both a steerable and deflectable tip greatly facilitating proper coronary sinus cannulation. Ashraf F. Banoub, MD, MBA Anesthesiologist The Toledo Hospital Toledo, Ohio, USA The views and teaching techniques expressed are those of medical professionals and not necessarily the views of Medtronic. Due to limitations of direct visualization during minimally invasive techniques, echocardiographic or fluoroscopic imaging is recommended.

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Coronary Sinus Cannulation for Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Procedure - Right Anterior Thoracotomy Michael G. Moront, MD Anesthetic and Echocardiographic for Minimally Invasive Valve Proce Transesophageal Echocardiographic Technique TEE Guided Insertion of Retrograde Cardioplegia Coronary Setup: Performed following successful femoral cannulation and full heparinization. After completion of the comprehensive intraoperative the structures that would assist the surgeon in placing the well in advance of the surgeon requesting TEE guidance timely fashion. Place pledgetted 4-0 prolene...

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Management Techniques dures Ashraf F. Banoub, MD Sinus Cannula TEE exam, concentrate on acquiring optimum views of e retrograde cardioplegia cannula. Acquiring the images ensures that optimum imaging can be obtained in a Extreme retro-flexion of the probe is occasionally necessary to bring the coronary sinus into view (2). This maneuver can sometimes be challenging especially if the cardiac motion is rapid and vigorous. Cessation of mechanical ventilation for a brief duration or gentle manual ventilation may allow better views to be obtained. Coronary Sinus Cannulation for Minimally...

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The 13 Fr MiRCSP™ cannulae are available in manual- or auto-inflate models and achieve traditional cardioplegia delivery flow rates1 Auto-Inflate Cannula Manual-Inflate Cannula 200 300 400 FLOW RATE (L/min) of water 200 300 400 FLOW RATE (L/min) of water ordering information Catalog Code French Size Overall Length Tip Deflecting Thoracotomy manual-inflate cuff Tip Deflecting Thoracotomy auto-inflate cuff Tip Deflecting manual-inflate cuff Tip Deflecting auto-inflate cuff CAUTION: Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician For more information contact...

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