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Newport™ HT70 Plus Ventilator


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Newport™ HT70 Plus Ventilator - 1

VENTILATE ON THE GO. The Newport™ HT70 Plus ventilator: A portable ventilator capable of going places. Bilevel positive airway pressure (BPAP) ventilation capability Versatile and lightweight. Easy to set up and use. Plus options for invasive and noninvasive (NIV) ventilation — with CPAP or BPAP-style breath support. They all come together in the Newport™ HT70 Plus ventilator. Noninvasive ventilation for a range of care environments: ∙ EMS transport ∙ Critical care transport ∙ Long-term care ∙ Home care ∙ Hospital Advanced features for NIV applications: ∙ Alarms that can be tailored for patient acuity ∙ Built-in high and low oxygen alarms ∙ Flexibility to use in any mode/breath type ∙ Up to 10 hours of battery operation (depending on settin

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Newport™ HT70 Plus Ventilator - 2

SETTING UP BPAP VENTILATION Guidelines for the Newport™ HT70 Plus ventilator Note: Only use non-vented (standard elbow) masks. CPAP (SPONT) Mode BPAP-style† device Newport HT70™ Plus ventilator P-high (IPAP) Pressure support (PS) (above PEEP) P-low (EPAP) Other settings NIV on Adjust bias flow P trigger Simple setup Flow trigger With these features: ∙ Mode/breath type ∙ NIV option ∙ PEEP ∙ Bias flow Set PS max inspiratory time (i-time) Slope/rise A/CMV Mode (Timed Ventilation) With Newport™ ventilators: Any mode and breath type can be used for noninvasive ventilation BPAP-style† device...

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