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Percept™ PC Neurostimulator


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Percept™ PC Neurostimulator - 1

Percept™ PC Neurostimulator with BrainSense™ Technology Personalize therapy with confidence The only complete DBS system with sensing, directionality, and visual programming gives you access to the data-driven insights you need to make informed decisions. BrainSense TECHNOLOGY DRIVES THE DIRECTIONAL LEAD Patient Comfort WITH SMART BATTERY ADVANCED PROGRAMMING INCLUDING OptiStim™ & ShapeLock™ Controls, Multi

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Percept™ PC Neurostimulator - 2

Percept™ PC Neurostimulator The state-of-the-art Percept™ PC device is also designed to facilitate expanded capabilities in the future via software upgrades — so you’re prepared for what’s next in DBS. PERCEPT™ PC NEUROSTIMULATOR WITH BRAINSENSE™ TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED BRAINSENSE™ SURVEY DESIGNED TO LAST LONGER — AND KEEP YOU INFORMED See electrode-level comparisons — between segmented levels, among segments within each level, and in each direction between the two levels. The only 3T and 1.5T MR Conditional‡ DBS system with a directional, sensing lead The Percept™ PC device offers improved...

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Percept™ PC Neurostimulator - 3

Unprecedented insights — inside and outside the clinic The Percept™ PC device features BrainSense™ technology,* designed to capture brain signals (local field potential, or LFP) using the implanted DBS lead. These signals can be recorded simultaneously while delivering therapeutic stimulation, inside and outside the clinic. You can correlate these brain signals with stimulation and events capturing medication, symptoms, or side effects — to deliver personalized, data-driven treatment and adjust as patient needs evolve.* *The sensing feature of the Percept™ PC device is intended for use in...

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Percept™ PC Neurostimulator - 4

Unlock your programming potential OptiStim™ and ShapeLock™ Controls along with multiple-rate features are enabled by the 16 independent current sources in the Percept™ PC device, giving you access to our widest range of programming options ever. OPTISTIM™ CONTROL OptiStim™ control allows you to assign unique amplitude values to each electrode. Add or subtract segments from the configuration without dropping amplitude of all electrodes to zero (in unipolar mode). SHAPELOCK™ CONTROL After achieving desired stimulation shape with OptiStim™ control, use ShapeLock™ control to seamlessly increase...

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Percept™ PC Neurostimulator - 5

Percept™ PC Neurostimulator and Sensight™ Directional Lead – the first and only DBS system designed for sensing LFPs are 1 million times smaller than DBS Improved insulation for enhanced detection of LFPs with the Percept™ PC neurostimulator with BrainSense™ technology* The SenSight™ directional lead was developed with proprietary materials, components, and processes used to meet rigorous specifications designed for sensing *Signal may not be present or measurable in all patients. Clinical benefits of brain sensing have not been established. 1. Neumann WJ, Staub F, Horn A, et al. Deep brain...

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Percept™ PC Neurostimulator - 6

Brief Statement: Medtronic DBS Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease, Tremor, Dystonia and Epilepsy Medtronic DBS Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease, Tremor, Dystonia, and Epilepsy: Product labeling must be reviewed prior to use for detailed disclosure of risks. INDICATIONS: Medtronic DBS Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease: Bilateral stimulation of the internal globus pallidus (GPi) or the subthalamic nucleus (STN) using Medtronic DBS Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease is indicated for adjunctive therapy in reducing some of the symptoms in individuals with levodopa-responsive Parkinson’s disease of at...

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