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RF CONDUCTR™ MC Bi-directional, multi-curve ablation catheters Catheter Shaft Lateral Deflection Control Electrical Connector Order Number Description Shaft stiffness Tip Stiffness 4 mm Distal Electrode 0786022 40-60 mm, MC Soft Soft 0787533 55-75 mm, MCXL Medium Medium 0787544 55-75 mm, MCXL Firm Firm 5 mm Distal Electrode 07856042 40-60 mm, MC Firm Soft 07857544 55-75 mm, MCXL Firm Firm The RF Conductr MC and MCXL are sterile, single-use catheters designed to deliver RF energy into cardiac tissue during ablation procedures. 4 mm and 5 mm Tip Electrodes ■ One central thermocouple simplifies temperature monitoring and eliminates temperature averaging ■ Designed using finite element analysis1 and validated with bench testing Three Degrees of Freedom ■ Bi-directional tip deflection (pull or push) Catheter Connecting Cables—366 cm (12 ft) Model Number Description 05116 Atakr™ II to RF catheter, sterile Side-to-side tip adjustments without rotating the entire catheter Adjustable curve radius reduces the need to change catheters Specifications ■ 7 Fr quadripolar with 2-5-2 spacing and 110 cm length

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Reference 1 Min X, Mehra R. Comparison of methods in approximation of blood flow in finite element models on temperature profile during RF ablation. IEEE/EMBS. 1998; BME-40:259-262. Brief Statement RF Catheters Indications: The RF Conductr™ MC catheter is intended for use with a Medtronic RF power generator to deliver RF energy for intracardiac radiofrequency ablation of accessory atrioventricular (AV) conduction pathways associated with tachycardia for the treatment of AV nodal re-entrant tachycardia and for creation of complete AV block in patients with a difficult to control ventricular...

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