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Quadripolar fixed-curve diagnostic catheters Josephson-type Cournand-type Long Product specifications Soloist 6 Fr, 110 cm Reference Electrode Catheters Quadripolar, 1.3 mm electrode length, cable connector Order Number Curve Style Electrode Spacing The Soloist catheter is a sterile, single-use catheter designed to map and pace cardiac tissue during electrophysiology procedures. Multiple Catheter Model Choices ■ Three curve options with different shapes, flexibilities, and reaches for varying heart anatomies ■ Josephson-type models offer two curve stiffnesses to aid catheter placement and stability ■ Several electrode-spacing options Order Number Connector Type Length Color Additional shaft and tip flexibility

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BRIEF STATEMENT Soloist™ Quadripolar Fixed-Curve Catheters Intended Use The Medtronic Soloist catheter is intended for use in diagnostic electrophysiologic procedures. The catheter is designed for recording intracardiac electrograms and temporary pacing associated with electrophysiology studies. Contraindications There are no known contraindications for this catheter. Warnings This device is for single use only. Do not resterilize and/or reuse. Catheter resterilization and reuse may result in loss of proper electrical or mechanical function and could cause patient injury. This catheter...

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