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StealthViz - 1

StealthViz® with StealthDTI® Module ADVANCED VISUALIZATION AND PLANNING APPLICATION EXPLORE. PLAN. NAVIGATE. Explore the frontiers of advanced visualization and extract pertinent information. Plan and prepare the data for export and use in surgery. Navigate in the operating room with StealthStation® System accuracy. The StealthViz® application is a powerful 2D/3D surgical planning application with a streamlined workflow that makes advanced viewing and processing routine: • mport multi-modality DICOM scans including MRA, CTA, fMRI, PET, MEG I • isualize in 2D and with sophisticated, fast 3D volume renderings V • ulti-modality image fusion via StealthMerge® software M • egmentation of critical anatomical structures with manual and semi-automatic tools S • reparation of fMRI activation maps for display in a StealthStation® system as 3D objects P • Exploration and planning prior to entering the operating theater • Export of results to a PACS or StealthStation® System for use in neurosurgery Designed for neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, and neuroscientists, the StealthViz® application enables better management and manipulation of the vast amount of information from numerous multi-modality datasets now being routinely ordered to better diagnose conditions and plan surgical procedures.

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StealthViz - 2

StealthViz® | Advanced Visualization and Planning Application CASE 1. M/34, Ependymoma, headache, no neurologic deficit Pre OP 34 year-old male patient, with complaint of headache. No neurologic deficit. MRI shows a large ependymoma located in the left temporal lobe. Navigation snapshot during surgery DTI merged image shows corticospinal tract (yellow) is just medial to the mass. We were concerned about injuring the corticospinal tract and did a gross total resection with the aid of DTI navigation. CASE 2. M/36, Anaplastic Astrocytoma, c/o seizure Pre OP 36 year-old male patient with...

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StealthViz - 3

CASE 3. F/18, Pilocytic Astrocytoma, c/o headache, visual field defect Pre OP 18 year-old female patient with complaint of headache and visual field defect. MRI shows large cystic mass on the right occipital lobe. Navigation snapshot during surgery CASE 4. M/46, Diffuse Astrocytoma, c/o seizure Pre OP We used DTI merged navigation for defining the target and trajectory during stereotactic biopsy. In this patient, one of the targets should be in the motor cortex. To avoid injury of the corticospinal tract (white), we used DTI navigation. Navigation snapshot during surgery DTI merged...

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StealthViz - 4

StealthViz® | Advanced Visualization and Planning Application StealthDTI® Module Powered by StealthViz® Application Building on top of the StealthViz® engine, the StealthDTI® software module enables fast white-matter tractography. This is the processing of Diffusion-Weighted Imaging MRI scans, also known as gradients, into fiber tracts. Functionality includes: • ealignment of the diffusion-weighted gradients to correct for R patient motion • tealthMerge® Image Fusion software with anatomical and S functional datasets acquired in separate imaging sessions • ast tensor calculations and...

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