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Venous Cannula Family


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Venous Cannula Family - 2

Two-Stage Venous Cannulae The MC2® Two-Stage Venous Cannula line provides a full array of choices for maximum flow during coronary artery bypass surgery • Flexible cannula body • Wire-wound, kink-resistant construction • Available in a low-profile, oval body design to provide more room in the surgical field Additional depth mark allows shallow placement for assisted venous drainage Larger end hole of the MC2X®* allows for better flow opportunity Multi-port lighthouse tip with enlarged end hole for added drainage Care and caution should be taken to avoid damage to vessels and cardiac tissue...

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Venous Cannula Family - 3

Atrial Caval Venous Cannulae VC2TM Atrial Caval Venous Return Cannulae are unique in both features and performance • Patented, flexible swirl tip and atrial basket minimize flow restriction • Atraumatic and flexible swirl tip designed to promote ease of insertion and to sustain an open channel through the vena cava during inferior vena cava (IVC) collapse due to vacuum assisted venous drainage (VAVD) • Available in oval body design The unique low-profile body permits the cannula to be positioned away from the surgical field, allowing increased visual and tactile access Oval Body Caution:...

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Venous Cannula Family - 4

Venous Cannulae Ultraflex® Venous Cannulae combine versatility with precision • Thin-walled, wire-wound cannula construction provides easy maneuvering during placement and kink-resistant flexibility during perfusion • Unique uni-stage tip, depth markings, and radiopaque stripes facilitate precise positioning for a variety of cannulation techniques Radiopaque stripes in the tip aid in visualization within the IVC/right atrium Thirty two cat-eye shaped holes in the tip reduce kinking and buckling during tip manipulation Care and caution should be taken to avoid damage to vessels and cardiac...

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Venous Cannula Family - 5

Three-Stage Venous Cannulae MC2X® Three-Stage Venous Cannula line combines innovation with practicality The MC2X® cannula line allows the surgeon to optimize vacuum assisted venous drainage (VAVD) or kinetic assisted venous drainage (KAVD) 29/29/29 MC2X® thin-wall design optimizes flow Third basket provides additional inlet port during VAVD or KAVD techniques Unique larger bulgy basket is designed to minimize the potential for tissue occlusion of the cannula side holes Ridges running between the secondand third-stage openings channel and maintain blood flow during collapse or emptying of...

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Venous Cannula Family - 6

Non-Vented Connector *Data on file at Medtronic. Information based on Product #91429. **Some products are available bonded with Carmeda® BioActive Surface, and may be ordered using “CB” as a prefix to the product number. Carmeda® BioActive Surface is a non-leaching End Point Attached heparin biosurface that mimics critical characteristics of the vascular endothelium to provide thromboresistance and biocompatibility. Carmeda® BioActive Surface is manufactured under license from Carmeda AB, Sweden. Carmeda is a registered trademark of Carmeda AB. Medtronic USA, Inc. Toll-free: 1 (800)...

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