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Medtronic Viva Quad XT CRT-D Product specifications Physical characteristics Volume3 35 cm3 Surface area of device can 57 cm2 Radiopaque IDb PXT Materials in contact with Titanium, polyurethane, human tissuec silicone rubber Hybrid CFx lithium/silver vanadium oxide a Volume with connector ports unplugged. b The radiopaque ID, which includes a Medtronic-identifier symbol, can be viewed in a fluoroscopic image of the device. c These materials have been successfully tested for the ability to avoid biological incompatibility. The device does not produce an injurious temperature in the surrounding tissue during normal operation. < 2.73 V on 3 consecutive daily automatic measurements Replacement indicators Recommended Replacement Time (RRT) End of Service (EOS) 3 months after RRT Maximum energy levels and typical full energy charge times PhysioCurve™ Design AdaptivCRT™ Algorithm CardioSync™ Optimization VectorExpress™ LV Automated Test SmartShock™ Technology OptiVol™ 2.0 Fluid Status Monitoring Complete Capture Management™ Diagnostic (ACM, RVCM, LVCM) Maximum programmed energy Maximum delivered energya,b Maximum stored energyc Typical charge time at Beginning of Service (BOS)d Typical charge time at Recommended Replacement Time (RRT)d a Energy delivered at connector block into a 50 Q load. b For 35 J programmed energy, delivered energy exceeds 35 J. c Energy stored at charge end on capacitor. d Charge time during a nonwireless telemetry session may be slightly higher.

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Tachyarrhythmia detection parameters Parameter Programmable values AT/AF Detection On; Monitor <$> AT/AF Interval (Rate)a 150; 160 ... 350 ... 450 ms Fast AT/AF Interval (Rate)a 150; 160 ... 200 O... 250 ms a The measured intervals are truncated to a 10 ms multiple (for example, 457 ms becomes 450 ms). The device uses this truncated interval value when applying the programmed criteria and calculating interval averages. b The AF/Afl, Sinus Tach, and Wavelet features are automatically set to On when VF Detection is set to On. c This setting applies to all sensing in this chamber for both...

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Atrial tachyarrhythmia therapy parameters, cont'd. Ventricular tachyarrhythmia therapy parameters Parameter Burst+ parameters Initial # S1 Pulses Programmable values S2-S3 Decrement Interval Decrement # Sequences Ramp parameters Initial # S1 Pulses Parameter VF Therapy parameters VF Therapy Status Programmable values Interval Decrement # Sequences Stop Atrial Rx After (Shared) Rx/Lead Suspect Disable Atrial ATP if it accelerates V. rate? Disable all atrial therapies if atrial lead position is suspect? Yes ft; No (Atrial Lead Position Check) Duration to stop 12; 24; 48 ft; 72 hr; None...

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Parameter Programmable values Ramp+ therapy parameters Atrial parameters Parameter Atrial Amplitude Initial # Pulses Atrial Pulse Width Atrial Sensitivity a This setting applies to all sensing in this chamber for both tachyarrhythmia detection and bradycardia pacing operations. RV parameters 1; 2 . 10 # Sequences VT Therapies: 3 <§>; FVT Therapies: 1 <6> Smart Modeb On; Off <0> Shared Settings V-V Minimum ATP Interval 150; 160 ... 200 O... 400 ms V. Amplitude 1; 2 ... 6; 8 <§> V RV Pace Polarity Bipolar; Tip to Coil RV Sense Polarity Bipolar; Tip to Coil a This setting applies to all...

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RV Capture Management™ Parameter RV Capture Management™ RV Amplitude Safety Margin RV Minimum Adapted Amplitude RV Acute Phase Remaining parameters Programmable values Adaptive ft; Monitor; Off 1.5x; 2.0xft; 2.5x; 3.0x Atrial rate stabilization parameters Programmable values Maximum Rate Interval Percentage Increment 12.5; 25 ft; 50% Atrial preference pacing parameters LV Capture Management™ Parameter LV Capture Management™ LV Amplitude Safety Margin LV Maximum Adapted Amplitude parameters Programmable values Adaptive ft; Monitor; Off + 0.5; + 1.0; + 1.5 <6>; + 2.0; + 2.5 V Programmable...

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Rate drop response parameters Parameter Programmable values Detection Type Drop O; Low Rate; Both Avg. V. Rate During AT/AF Alert Enableb Shared (Device Tone and Patient Home Monitor) AT/AF Daily Burden Avg. V. Rate During AT/AF Daily Burden for Avg. V. Rate 0.5; 1; 2; 6 <6>; 12; 24 hours/day Detection Window Detection Beats Intervention Rate Intervention Duration Number of Shocks Delivered in an Episoded Device Tone Alert Enable - Urgency Patient Home Monitor Alert Enableb a When Rate Drop Response is set to On, the lower rate is automatically set to 45 bpm. Sleep parameters Parameter...

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Lead/Device integrity alerts, cont'd. Programmable values SVC Defibrillation Impedance Enableb,c Data collection parameters Shared (Device Tone and Patient Home Monitor) A Pac'ng Impedance 200 <$>■ 300- 400- 500 Q Less than LECG Source (Leadless ECG)a LECG Range (Leadless ECG) Programmable values Can to SVC ftb,c; RVcoil to Aring; Can to Aring ±1; ±2 ft; ±4; ±8; ±12; ±16; ±32 mV A. Pacing Impedance Greater than RV Pacing Impedance Less than RV Pacing Impedance Greater than LV Pacing Impedance Less than RVtip to RVcoil; RVtip to RVring; Atip to RVring; Atip to EGM 1 Source Aring ft; Aring to...

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EP study parameters System test parameters Parameter Selectable values Pacing Threshold Test parameters Amplitude; Pulse Width; Phrenic Test Type (LV test) Nerve Stim - Amplitude; Phrenic Nerve Stim - Pulse Width Test Type (Atrium or RV test) Amplitude; Pulse Width Chamber Atrium; RV; LV Decrement after 2; 3 ... 15 pulses Pace Polarity (RV) Bipolar; Tip to Coil LV1 to RVcoil; LV2 to RVcoil; LV3 to RVcoil; LV4 to RVcoil; LV1 to LV2; LV1 to LV3; LV1 to Pace Polarity (LV) LV4; LV2 to LV1; LV2 to LV3; T-Shock induction parameters Parameter Selectable values Chamber1 RV <6>; RV+LV; LV Resume at...

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PES induction parameters Parameter Pacing Rate Selectable values a Applies to all ventricular chambers paced. b V. Backup Pacing is delivered to the RV chamber. c The default value for this parameter is set according to the permanently programmed settings for bradycardia pacing. d Crosstalk may occur when atrial pacing amplitude is greater than 6.0 V. Manual Ramp therapy parameters Parameter Selectable values Chamber Atrium; RV; RV+LV; LV Ventricular Ramp therapy parameters # Pulses 1; 2 ... 6 <0> ... 15 VVI Backup (for atrial PES)d Pacing Rate V. Amplitude^ V. Pulse Width® %RR Interval...

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