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VIVA™ S CRT-D Model DTBB1D4 IS1/DF4 - 1

VIVA™ S CRT-D Model DTBB1D4 IS1/DF4 Physical characteristics Physical characteristics Volumea Surface area of device can Materials in contact with human tissuec Titanium, polyurethane, silicone rubber Hybrid CFx lithium/silver vanadium oxide Volume with connector ports unplugged. The radiopaque ID, which includes a Medtronic-identifier symbol, can be viewed in a fluoroscopic image of the device. c These materials have been successfully tested for the ability to avoid biological incompatibility. The device does not produce an injurious temperature in the surrounding tissue during normal operation. b ≤ 2.73 V on 3 consecutive daily automatic measurements Maximum energy levels and typical full energy charge times Maximum programmed energy Maximum delivered energy Maximum stored energy Typical charge time at Beginning of Service (BOS)d Typical charge time at Recommended Replacement Time (RRT)d Energy delivered at connector block into a 50 Ω load. For 35 J programmed energy, delivered energy exceeds 35 J. Energy stored at charge end on capacitor. d Charge time during a nonwireless telemetry session may be slightly higher. b c § CardioSync™ Optimization § SmartShock™ Technology § OptiVol™ 2.0 Fluid Status Monitoring § Complete Capture Management™ Replacement indicators Recommended Replacement Time (RRT)

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VIVA™ S CRT-D Model DTBB1D4 IS1/DF4 - 2

Device parameters Other enhancements Stabilitya Tachyarrhythmia detection parameters Parameter Programmable values AT/AF Detection Onset Percent High Rate Timeout Fast AT/AF Interval (Rate)a 150; 160 … 200 AT/AF Interval (Rate) VF Initial Beats to Detect FVT Detection FVT Interval (Rate)a VT Detection VT Monitor Interval (Rate)a Monitored VT Beats to Detect VT Initial Beats to Detect The measured intervals are truncated to a 10 ms multiple (for example, 457 ms becomes 450 ms). The device uses this truncated interval value when applying the programmed criteria and calculating interval...

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VIVA™ S CRT-D Model DTBB1D4 IS1/DF4 - 3

Atrial tachyarrhythmia therapy parameters, continued Ramp parameters Interval Decrement Programmable values Automatic CV AT/AF Automatic CV Status AX>B; B>AX Fast AT/AF Automatic CV Status Stop Atrial Rx after (Shared) Rx/Lead Suspect Disable Atrial ATP if it accelerates V. rate? Delivery Window Start Time Episode Duration before ATP Delivery Window Length Reactive ATP™ Disable all atrial therapies if atrial lead position is suspect? (Atrial Lead Position Check) AX>B; B>AX Episode Duration before Rx Delivery Interval Decrement VVI/VOO Backup Pacingd VVI/VOO Backup Pacing Rate Burst+...

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VIVA™ S CRT-D Model DTBB1D4 IS1/DF4 - 4

Ventricular tachyarrhythmia therapy parameters Parameter Programmable values Ramp therapy parameters … 15 Initial # Pulses AX>B; B>AX Rx1-Rx4: B>AX ; Rx5-Rx6: AX>B Smart Modeb During Charging ; Before Charging; Off Ramp+ therapy parameters Therapy Type ChargeSaver® Burst ; Ramp; Ramp+ Smart Modeb Switch when number of consecutive ATP 1 ; 2; 3; 4; 6; 8; 10 successes equals On ; Off VT/FVT Therapy parameters Shared Settings Therapy Type CV; Burst; Ramp; Ramp+ Rx1: Burst ; Rx2-Rx6: CV Initial # Pulses Smart Mode AX>B; B>AX Rx1-Rx4: B>AX AX>B V-V Minimum ATP Interval V. Amplitude Smart Modeb...

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VIVA™ S CRT-D Model DTBB1D4 IS1/DF4 - 5

Pacing parameters CRT pacing parameters Parameter Programmable values Maximum Rate Modes, rates, and intervals Parameter Programmable values Mode Mode Switch Lower Ratea Atrial Tracking Recovery Upper Tracking Rate Atrial Capture Management™ parameters Parameter Programmable values Minimum PVARP DDDR; DDD ; DDIR; DDI; AAIR; AAI; VVIR; VVI; DOO; AOO; VOO; ODO Atrial Capture Management™ Atrial Minimum Adapted Amplitude Atrial Acute Phase Remaining Atrial Amplitude Atrial Amplitude Safety Margin The corresponding Lower Rate Interval can be calculated as follows: Lower Rate Interval (ms) =...

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VIVA™ S CRT-D Model DTBB1D4 IS1/DF4 - 6

Rate response pacing parameters Parameter Programmable values Conducted AF response parameters Parameter Programmable values Upper Sensor Rate Response Level Rate Profile Optimization Maximum Rate Exertion Response Activity Threshold Low; Medium Low ; Medium High; High Activity Acceleration Activity Deceleration Ventricular rate stabilization parameters Parameter Programmable values V. Rate Stabilization Rate Adaptive AV Stop Rate Programmable values Post VT/VF Shock Pacing Post VT/VF shock pacing parameters Interval Increment Maximum Rate Rate adaptive AV parameters Parameter Programmable...

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VIVA™ S CRT-D Model DTBB1D4 IS1/DF4 - 7

Sleep parameters Parameter Programmable values Sleep Rate Wake Time Number of Shocks Delivered in an Episoded Device Tone Alert Enable – Urgency Patient Home Monitor Alert Enableb Number of Shocks Thresholda Device Tone Alert Enable – Urgency Patient Home Monitor Alert Enableb Additional pacing features Parameter Programmable values All Therapies in a Zone Exhausted for an Episode NCAP Interval Shared (Device Tone and Patient Home Monitor) Non-Competitive Atrial Pacing (NCAP) parameters Parameter Programmable values Non-Comp Atrial Pacing This parameter is displayed only if an associated...

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VIVA™ S CRT-D Model DTBB1D4 IS1/DF4 - 8

Lead/Device integrity alerts, continued Shared parameters Programmable values RV Pacing Impedance Enablec LV Pacing Impedance Enablec RV Defibrillation Impedance Enablec SVC Defibrillation Impedance Enableb,c Programmable values Patient Home Monitor Alert Time This parameter is displayed only if an associated alert has been enabled. Data collection parameters Data collection parameters Shared (Device Tone and Patient Home Monitor) Programmable values LECG Source (Leadless ECG)a LECG Range (Leadless ECG) RVtip to RVcoil; RVtip to RVring; Atip to RVring; Atip to Aring ; Aring to RVring; Aring...

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VIVA™ S CRT-D Model DTBB1D4 IS1/DF4 - 9

System test parameters System test parameters Parameter Selectable values T-Shock induction parameters Parameter Selectable values Pacing Threshold Test parameters Enabled ; Disabled Enabled; Disabled Test Type (LV Test) Amplitude; Pulse Width; Phrenic Nerve Stim – Amplitude; Phrenic Nerve Stim – Pulse Width Test Type (Atrium or RV Test) Amplitude; Pulse Width Decrement after LVtip to RVcoil; LVring to RVcoil; LVtip to LVring; LVring to LVtip T-Shock induction parameters, continued Modea (Atrium test) Selectable values Lower Rateb Monophasic ; Biphasic AX>B; B>AX RV Amplitude RV Pulse Width...

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