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911 Kit

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► Fixture Capture Screw: Single use only ► Do not use in case of a gap in Fixture Capture Remove the prosthesis of the fixture to be removed, and the surrounding bone. Select a Fixture Capture Screw of the same size as the fixture internal screw. Use the Trox Driver to turn the screw clockwise (Use of torque less than 40Ncm for M1.6, and 60Ncm for other products may lead to ► Cannot use for abutment that use Insert the Abutment Solver in the fractured abutment hole. Use the Ratchet Wrench to turn clockwise in order to join the abutment and the Abutment Solver as one body. (Ratchet Wrench is...

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Select a Fixture Capture that fits the fixture diameter Turn the fixed Fixture Capture Screw counterclockwise until it touches the fixture. [For a torque of greater than 300Ncm, it is Fixture and Fixture Capture are tightly connected as rising force and descending [Suction is needed; debris may happen Using Torque Wrench, turn counterclockwise and pull out fixture and Fixture Capture. [No more than maximum toque per fixture] Removed fixture can be pulled out, turning Fixture Capture and fixture clockwise, holding onto vice plier Move the Abutment Solver sideways while pulling up to remove...

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In case Abutment Screw, Cover Screw or Use the RatchetWrench to turn counterclockwise Place the removed abutment in the vice. Healing Abutment's hex is fractured. to join the abutment with the Abutment Solver as Use the RatchetWrench to turn clock- one body, wise to separate the abutment with the (Use a torque of less than 40Ncm.p Ratchet Hex Solver. Wrench is included in surgical kit]

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Trox Driver Fixture Capture Screw 6 , --O Screw Solver Guide O Screw Solver Guide Holder SSGH

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Head Office 377-2 Kyochon-ri, Jain-myun, Gyeonsan, Gyeonbuk, Korea Tel. +82-1544-2285 Gangnam Office 607 Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul Tel. +82-1566-2338

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