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The 21st Century premium implant system Volume AR C4.0

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Characteristic & Advantages AnyRidge® Fixture Product - Cover screw & Healing Abutment 13 AnyRidge® Abutment options - Fixture level prosthesis 16 - Abutment level prosthesis / Solid Abutment Prosthesis 24 / Octa Abutment Prosthesis 29 / Multi-unit Abutment Prosthesis 33 / Flat Abutment Prosthesis 39 - Overdenture prosthesis / Meg-Rhein System 42 - Abutment Selection Guide Kit 46 Extra Option Product Early Loading Guide with AnyRidge* 68

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Small but Strong Abutment Screw Diameter 1.8mm Thicker abutment wall More favorable for path adjustment Various post height options 1mm trimmable margin gives restorative flexibility without changing B-L dimension Biologic S-line Biologic S-line provides seamless natural-looking emergence profile Optimum post taper ✔ Different taper according to post diameter (8°, 10°, 12°, 14°) ✔ Wider diameter has more taper! Various choices of cuff height 2, 3, 4, 5mm Single connection Abutment can be used on any sizes of fixture Wider fixture possible Through narrow crest Maximum preservation of...

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MegaGen has developed surface treatment based on S-L-A technique with calium incorporation process. Calcium ion creates a CaTiO3 nanostructure on the surface, and activates osteoblasts in the live bone.The name of this unique specialized surface treatment is XPEED®. Fast & Strong Osseointegration Bigger BIC resulting bigger removal torque after osseointegration XPEED demonstrates bigger BIC and requires bigger removal torque than the RBM or conventional S-L-A surface treatments. ® Bone to implant contact(BIC) Histological analysis Removal torque Test result after 4weeks with rabbit...

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➲ Characteristic & Advantages 1) Surgery Excellent initial stability, even at compromised bone density. AnyRidge Fixture cuts through bone smoothly and condenses it simultaneously. Fixture diameter Fixture diameter Core diameter Core diameter Core diameter measured at 3.5mm under the platform Core diameter • Soft bone The super self-tapping threads have a single core diameter that facilitates minimal site preparation by utilizing a smaller osteotomy to place a wider fixture with special threads. • Hard bone 2. Customized drilling Sequence AnyRidge Fixture with its super self-tapping thread...

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Better esthetic outcomes from wide variety of prosthetic options! Stop worrying about screw loosening! 1. No screw loosening, less biologic width! • Magic Five (5° Internal connection) Now you can be free from worrying about screw loosening with our unique connection 5 degree morse taper which gives perfect hermetic sealing. Biologic width is minimized due to no micro gap, and crestal bone health is well maintained. AnyRidge Separation force between fixture and abutment after cold welding. (n=5) Performed Retention Test to evaluate the fixture-abutment retention force using Universal...

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Unique and sturdy design provides long term stability! AnyRidge fixtures do not depend on the cortical bone for initial stability! Decreased stress on the cortical bone helps to prevent bone resorption following fixture placement. Stress Distribution (Fixture-Bone) Cortical Bone - 0.8mm AnyRidge 4.5 x 10mm ThicknessCompany OS Cancellous bone level - D4 AnyRidge 5.5 x 10mm Company NB 1. More cortical bone preservation is guaranteed Stress Distribution (Fixture-Bone) Cortical Bone Thickness - 0.8mm Cancellous bone level - D4 Performed Finite element analysis to evaluate the fixture-bone...

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➲ AnyRidge Fixture Products ® Relationship between platform diameter and Bevel diameter Platform Diameter Bevel diameter Platform diameter Bevel Diameter Widest Thread Diameter Bevel Diameter Platform Diameter Core diameter measured at 3.5mm under the platform Widest thread diameter is 0.5mm wider than fixture size at 3.5mm 0.4mm wider than fixture size at 4.0~8.0mm *For example Ø3.5 = Fixture diameter + 0.5mm Ø4.0~Ø8.0 = Fixture diameter + 0.4mm Length *Actual length of fixture Ø3.5~5.5 fixture : 0.8mm shorter than the written length Ø6.0~8.0 fixture : 0.6mm shorter than the written length...

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- Cover Screw included. • Availability of 7mm product is subject to local approval. • Europe certified only. Not for Korean domestic users. - Cover Screw included. • Availability of 7mm product is subject to local approval. • Europe certified only. Not for Korean domestic users. - Cover Screw included. • Availability of 7mm product is subject to local approval.

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- Cover Screw included. - Cover Screw included. - Cover Screw included. - Cover Screw included.

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- Cover Screw included. - Cover Screw included. - Cover Screw included.

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3) Fixture Package - Ampule Upper cover Ampule was designed conveniently to be opened with one hand! Fixture pick-up Handpiece Connector Perfectly matches the internal connection of a fixture : No accidental dropping! Lower cover : access to Cover Screw Hexagon connection of AnyRidge Fixture ® Cover Screw Cover Screw pick-up - Coding Different color means different diameter Product name Small Ø = Fixture diameter L = Length (With Cover Screw) FANHIX3510C Do not use Consult if package Instructions is damaged for use rev.01 Implamedic a. Ltd. Fabijoni skiu 39 - 45, Vilnius LT-07120 , Lithuan...

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4) Cover Screw and Healing Abutment Cover Screw * Included in fixture package. • Use with a Hand Driver(1.2 Hex). • Used for submerged type surgery. • Protects the inner structure of a fixture. • Different heights can be chosen according to the position of fixture below the crest. • 1.6mm and 2.6mm height of Cover Screw can be purchased separately. Healing Abutment Profile Diameter Profile Diameter Platform level • Use with a Hand Driver(1.2 Hex). • Used for non-submerged type surgery or for two stage surgery. • Choose appropriate diameter and height of Healing Abutment according to...

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▸▸ Connection with a Fixture 1. All transitional and temporary components have a ‘Ledge’ on the bottom • Cover Screws, Healing Abutments, Impression Coping (transfer and pick-up type), Temporary Cylinders have ledges on the bottom which prevent from cold welding with a fixture. • Hand Drivers(1.2 Hex) or Impression Drivers can be used easily to screw these components in and out. 2. All permanent abutments will make a strong connection with a fixture, even with finger force! • 25~35Ncm torque force is recommended when permanent abutments are connected into a fixture. • A fixed abutment...

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