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state-of-the-art technology

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INSTRUMENT & MATERIAL Convenience with the state-of-the-art technology ➲ Contents 01. INSTRUMENT • MEGA ISQ™ • MEG-TORQ® • MEG-CLEANER™ • MEG-INJECT® 02. MATERIAL • MEGA SIL™

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INSTRUMENT The Original Technology from Osstell Wireless Auto Torque Driver Perfect Cleaning System MEGA ISQ™ Low Pain Anesthesia Delivery System

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The Original Technology from Osstell 2. Early warningsPreventing failure • When is the right time to load? Adjust the prosthetic process timing confidently with the objective evidence, ISQ value. 1. Optimal Loading Decision • Early warnings instead of failure Because MEGA ISQ helps the dentist decide when to load and avoid failure in high-risk situations, it becomes a quality-assurance system for the clinic. Most patients intuitively understand the stability measures and how they govern when to load an implant and when to wait. This increases their sense of confidence, security and quality....

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Instrument & Meterial - 5

➲ Perfect Matching • Innovative KnifeThread design and accurate diagnostic AnyRidge® fixtures do not depend on the cortical bone for initial stability. Decreased stress on the cortical bone helps to prevent from bone resorption following fixture placement. Thanks to the AnyRidge®’s unique knife thread and super selftapping design, better initial stability can be attanined in any compromised bone situ- ation. It offers progressive bone condensing, ridge expansion, maximized compressive force resistance and minimized shear force production. Comparison of ISQ value trend (Internal research...

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Instrument & Meterial - 6

Wireless Auto Torque Driver MEG-TORQ 1. Use Second Motor in soft bone cases 2. Quick removal of numerous prosthetic appliances 3. Easy to reach to the molar areas 4. To approach the implants placed in distal areas 5. To record the number of abutment screw torquing accurately 1. It’s possible to operate wide range of surgical procedures from implant place- ment to orthodontics with various control- lable torque and speed options. Torque setting : 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35Ncm RPM setting : 15, 30, 45 and 60 RPM 1. LCD Digital Display shows every function including torque, speed, direction...

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Instrument & Meterial - 7

Perfect Cleaning System ➲ Reliable & Strong!! Combination of world’s first class FAULHABER motor from Germany with Swissmade reduction gear. Step 1. Cleaning with Ultrasonic waves Operating button (A) Step 2. Perfect cleaning of impurities from the barrel finishing process Step 3 . Low temperature plasma sterilization On/Off , Torque selection Clockwise / Counterclockwise Rotation information Torque information Battery Condition Calibration mode

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Instrument & Meterial - 8

➲ MEG-CLEANER vs. Ultrasonic Cleaner Ultrasonic Cleaner 1. Possible to do other tasks while you’re operating after starting MEG-CLEANER. 2. Possible to operate 3 different features at the same time. 3. Only 35 minutes to clean up. Soaking + Washing + Rinsing for dental components! 1. Each step should be cleaned by separately. 2. Not possible to do other tasks after starting the operation. 3. Inconvenient way of cleaning. 4. More than an hour to finish the cleaning. Diamond Bur before cleaning Perfect cleaning through 40Khz ultrasonic soaking, magnetic barrel washing and low-temperature...

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Instrument & Meterial - 9

Low Pain Anesthesia Delivery System PORTABLE / * This product was co-developed with the KMG-Keomyung, the market leader in Korea with more than 10 years of product experience, PAINLESS ANESTHESIA its vast know-hows. to upgrade the product by reflecting 1. Light and convenient handpiece 1. Handpiece with the control buttons 2. Various options of injection quantity controls included set dosage option 3. Easy control with Smart touch panel 4. Perfect waterproof with touch panel and wireless recharge technology - World’s first handpiece with controller - Single-handed operability without pedal...

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Instrument & Meterial - 10

➲ Usage of Meg-Inject and Speed Control Auto Mode 1. Pre-emission : air + infusion(0.11ml) 2. To automatically control the speed of infusion from low speed to high speed. 3. High speed 0.03ml/sec Low speed 0.006ml/sec High speed section 1’10”(1.69ml) Manual Mode 1. No pre-emission 2. To vary the speed and time of infusion according to the use. Inject the same amount in the same low speed. Change to high speed by manually after starting from low speed. 4’30”(1.69ml) Injection in different time intervals depending on the user’s control. MATERIAL Handpiece Cartridge Ampoule stick Impression...

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Instrument & Meterial - 11

Impression Material ™ 1. Heavy Body 1. Smooth mixing and easy injection re duces fatigue for the user. 2. Free from taste and scent, Heavy Body prevents excessive patient salivation. 3. High elasticity enables easy removal no deformation after curing thanks to correct hardness. 4. Thixotropic - does not slide from the tray. 5. High affinity with plaster enables accurate modeling. 1. Reasonable price 2. High quality ➲ Clinical cases with ➲ Clinical cases with MEGA SIL Heavy Body MEGA SIL Bite / Light Body registration 1. Highly thixotropic Light Body with remarkably uniform smoothness...

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Instrument & Meterial - 12

Screw hole sealing material ➲ Easy to fill & Remove ✓Convenient tools : EZ carrier ✓Retrievable material (Silicon) Choose EZ Seal length which is Depth– 3mm (resin)! ➲ Implant completed in a simple and convenient way! Implant comple te simple and conv d in a enient way! ➲ Choose appropriately for your system! 4. Perfect final prosthetic 1. Simple! 2. Easy! 3. Convenient! Compatible implants Compatible implants Straumann Implant completed in a simple and convenient way! Implant completed in a simple and convenient way! Compatible implants MegaGen Implant completed in a simple and convenient...

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Instrument & Meterial - 13

Gangnam Office 5F MegaGen Tower, 607 Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea T. +82-1566-2338 Head Office & Factory 472 Hanjanggun-ro, Jain-myeon, Gyeongsan, Gyeongbuk, Korea T. +82-1544-2285

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