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Implant System Instrument & Material

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Product Lineup Implant System Regeneration Instrument & Material R2GATE

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04 Greetings from MegaGen 33 Soft Tissue Harvester™ 47 40 Thor & BonEx Kit™ 53 Instrument & Material MEGA ISO™ Clean area plus MEGA SIL™

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Greetings from MegaGen ®

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01.03 MegaGen Co., Ltd. was established (CEO Kwang-Bum Park) 09.01 TBI business project was carried out (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy) 07.14 Government's Industry Auxiliary Research Institute was certified (ID No.20041761/MegaGen Corp) 09.02 U.S. FDA approval for Intermezzo Implant System NO.K051018 03.08 CE Certification for ExFeel Implant System/Intermezzo Implant System 09.11 Licensed to establish an organ bank (Korea Food & Drug Administration: No. 88) 02.22 Certified by KGMP (Korea Good Manufacturing Practice) 04.11 SFDA in China Certification for EZ Plus Implant System &...

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Middle East /Africa Chinese Region Hong Kong South Korea ©megagen. ©dentomed

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MiNi Overdenture ExFeel™ Internal Rescue® Internal

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Fuse Abutment' Multi-Unit Abutment Rescue® Internal ExFeel (Internal/External)

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Calcium titanate “Nano-structure” 1. Nano bone matrix layer with Ca2+ incorporated into the SLA surface. 2. Fast & Strong osseointegration. 3. Greater safety with our dual checking system. XPEED® surface is at least 20 times thinner than HA coatings XPEED ® ®

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SLA-Plus type for safety! Fast & Strong osseointegration RB M Blue light for safety! BIC & Removal torque result XPEED ® demonstrates more BIC and requires greater removal torque than treatment completely neutralizes and eliminates any acid residue. Due ®

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Implant Installation (AnyRidge XPEED Plus 4.5 x 10mm) Excellent initial stability, even in compromised bone density. AnyRidge® cuts through bone smoothly 01. Unique and ideal design for maximum primary stability Core diameter is measured Fixture diameter Core diameter 3 different CORE DIAMETERS and 10 different FIXTURE DIAMETERS enable you to customize your Drilling Sequence according to the bone

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02. Innovative thread design 03. Amazingly fast osseointe- 04. Magic five (5° Internal connection) - Less insertion torque - Excellent initial stabilization A - Resistance to compressive force | - Minimal shear force creation Thanks to its unique, patented knife thread and super self-tapping design, better initial stability can be attained in any compromised bone situation. It offers progressive bone condens- ing, ridge expansion, maximized compressive force resistance and minimized shear force The patented KnifeThread9 design of Mega- bination with our unique blue XPEED9 surface presents...

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01. Simplified surgical protocol with predictable initial stability ■ Advanced fixture design allows easier drilling in any bone density while ensuring initial stability

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02. Stress reduction on crestal 03. High compressive strength 04. Excellent soft tissue Depth of fixture positioning is easier to control due to the straight upper portion of the fixture Crestal bone loss is minimized by reducing stress Fatigue test 04.5 diameter may be usable in the molar area without a concern for fracturing AnyOne fixtures have wide parallel wall design making them more resistant to fracture than most of other branded fixtures AnyOne can be used in most cases, reducing ■ All abutment cuffs are treated with a ZrN Coating to ensure excellent aesthetics under the tissue ■...

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Dense Drill Ratchet Wrench Direction Indicator Path Finder Stopper Drill Kit - Separate sales item Exquisite drills with longer life. PATH FINDER RATCHET WRENCH AnyOne Stopper Drill Kit INITIAL DRILL Drill Extension HANDPIECE CONNECTOR RATCHET CONNECTOR HAND DRIVER Hand Driver Handpiece Connector Shaping Drill AnyOne / AnyRidge Surgical ™ Kit DIRECTION INDICATOR Ratchet Connector

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Product Lineup - 19

01. Male : Meg-Rhein (Overdenture) MiNi Overdenture Meg-Rhein and all related abutment options are optimized for Digital Impression and CADCAM-based prosthetic connections.

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02. Female : Rhein 83 system - products made in Italy Accurately manufactured to fit exactly the retentf force required 03. Tilting Angle & Various 04. Meg-Rhein abutments Retentive Caps of the Meg-Rhein : for Mega'Gen implant system Meg-Rhein Tilting Angle These overdenture abutments are easy to use and offer a wide range of applications ■ Smaller dimension of diameter for a better aesthetic result ■ Different retention levels available to manage all case requirements ■ Excellent stability & performance For AnyOne & EZ Plus Internal & MegaFix Internal

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The strongest for narrow ridges. Single macro thread

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- Variety of fixture size (03.0, 03.25) Clinical case 1. Two 3.0 x 15.0 mm Mini implants were placed with excellent stability. There was no bone defect found. 2. Two pieces of EZ posts were connected to make temporary prosthetics for immediate provisionalization. - Variety of prosthetic options 03. Low Reduction Rate & Uniform Variance of Retentive Force wwww wwvw - Fast osseointegration thanks to our SLA surface - Excellent for maxillary lateral incisor or mandible - Easy-to-use, intuitive operation procedure. - Post and ball-type are available. - Esthetically excellentdesign. - Minimize...

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Product Lineup - 23

A must for immediate loading. failed if a newly installed fixture is forced to move more than 100|im. It has been shown that the average masticatory force required to move an implant more than 100u.m in the phase priorto osseointegration would be 220N. MegaGen's new FUSE abutment disassembles itself when 180N of masticatory force is applied via the temporary crown, protecting the fixture during this phase. The disassembled Fuse abutment can be easily replaced with a new one back at the clinic. Fuse abutment - Compressive strength test

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01. Characteristics of Multi-Unit Abutment Easy and economical treatment solution for edentulous case. Expensive and time consuming bone graft may not be needed. 1. Minimize interference to adjacent soft tissue as it has small diameter 2. Available as straight and angled (17° and 29°), with a selection of cuff heights (Straight 2mm~5mm, angled 3.5mm~5.5mm). 3. Wide range of compatibility with major implant systems. - AnyRidge, AnyOne & EZ Plus. - Various 11 degree internal hex connection compatible. 4. Completely compatible with prosthetics components of conical abutment. 5. Wide variety of...

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