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R2 CT - 1

elaboration between MegaGen 3D diagnostic hybrid technology R2 and high-end CT/ k A r— A ^^i—k.| TJ^^^MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY

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R2 CT - 3

Dental CT with the highest specification [16 X 14.5] Top of the class super wide F.O.V 16 x 14.5 [when Auto-Stitching is used] High resolution guaranteeing the best image quality Metal artifact reduction minimizing the scattering by metal The dental CT with specification that can only be described as a breakthrough Remarkable Price Are you still worried about the price? Top level specification naturally comes with high price. However R2 GATE equipped with the top specification is offered at a remarkable price. Now you don’t need to compare it to other company products. R ONE-DAY IMPLANT &...

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R2 CT - 4

16 X 14.5 and whatever you want.. The widest F.O.V is offered with the auto-stitching function. The basic F.O.V is 16 x 8 or 16 x 14.5 but if necessary, specific sites can be selected and scanned. Out standing 3-D CBCT images - CBCT images of high clarity, high contrast and high resolution enable more precise and safer diagnosis by presenting all the anatomical structures more clearly. - Resolution (voxel size) : maximum 0.1mm3 Metal Artifact Reduction [MAR] By minimizing the streak artifacts from metal scattering, clear images can be obtained without image loss even from patients wearing...

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R2 CT - 6

3D oral environment reproduced with R2 GATE R2 GATE is a cutting edge program building precise 3D hybrid images by combining patient’s CT and working model scan data. By using patient’s CT and oral scan data, diagnosis and implant surgery simulation can be done in the same environment as the actual oral cavity. More objective and reasonable diagnosis can be made thanks to loading of any digital data necessary for diagnosis and virtual surgery. Top down treatment is enabled by determining the location and the angle of the implant after confirming the shape of the final prosthesis. As implant...

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R2 CT - 7

surgery and prosthesis all separately? Now the diagnostic results from the R2 GATE program can be reproduced clinically. Surgery and prosthesis can all be solved at once as R2 Stent, customized abutment, up to CAD/ CAM temporary are provided before surgery. Can this implant last long? \ R2 GATE positions impffriff injjjjfflriost ideal positions after checking the positidCfl, design of the final prosth^teap a|so the occlusal relations. You do not need to worry cfbout the'pDsitioning of implant any moreJP1

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R2 CT - 8

Wta-t »s wre sur^y^s'^ «s -felne PNC© OE*t> offer ^^^J ^^^^ \ Temporary Why don't you consult with MegaGen one time before you make a decision to buy an expensive CT? We will help you to find the optimal solution for building digital clinical environment. Product Composition - ttSHSi : CT/Panorama/TMJ/Sinus/ - Auto Stitching function - Amorphous silicon flat panel SK Cephalo (One-shot/ Scan] can be added

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R2 CT - 9

T^e bes-t cUice W successful in^lavt-t suxypoji Diagnostic File

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R2 CT - 10

Model Dentri Scan Range CT7 Panorama/TMJ/Sinus/CephlOption] Scan Time Pan: Hsec/CT: 8 or 24 sec/Ceph : under 3.5s Ceph Supported Option (Flat Panel One-Shot Sensor type CT/Pan : CMOS flat panel / Ceph : Flat panel Detector Sensor Change Indicator Linear sensor Reconstruction time 40 sec (MAR with] X-ray beam Cone Beam File format DICOM Dicom compatible DICOM 3.0 Format Auto Stitching Function. Key Features FOB selection mode. * Launching date may vary by country and by products. Thankyou foryour understanding in advance.

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R2 CT - 11

5F, MegaGen Tower, 607, Sellung-Ro, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea / T : +82-1566-2338 / F : +82(2)3463-2883 Jongro-gu Insa-dong 194-27 Taehwa Bidg. 3F, Seoul, Korea / T : +82-1566-2754 / F : +82(2)737-8698

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