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Regeneration - 1

Regeneration The future is already here.

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Regeneration - 2

Ideal Ridge Bone Graft Material Bone Harvester Sinus graft Mega-Oss Bovine™ MICA kit™ MILA kit™ Bone Plus

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Regeneration - 3

Best combination for narrow ridge 29 Thor & BonEx kitTM GBR membrane for ideal regeneration

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Regeneration - 5

A Autogenous Bone Harvester Mega-Oss BovineTM Bone PlusTM

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Regeneration - 6

Autogeneous Bone Harvester

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Regeneration - 7

Design Concept Wide opening to permit easy removal of har- vested bone Unique sliding design for smooth lifting of Stopper with appropriate resistance as drilling progresses Designed to connect the Stopper securely. A ledge to secure the position of Stopper at start Center guide to prevent slippery operation during drilling Designed for easy connection & Optimally designed so that the bone will not be lost. k_. Equipped with optimal blade design, bone can be harvested with low RPM Easy and Fast Insertion 1) Sufficient cutting force can be obtained even at low RPM. Autogenous bone can be...

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Regeneration - 8

2. The Auto-Max should meet the bone surface perpen- dicularly. Press the handpiece to fix the sharp point of the drill on the bone and start drilling at about 500RPM with copious irrigation. 3. Do not pump during harvest. Pumping may scatter the harvested bone. 4. The Auto-Max will automatically stop advancing into the bone at a 5. Disconnect the stopper from Auto-Max and collect particulated autogenous bone at in a sterilized tray. Repeat steps 1 -5 until the desired volume of bone is obtained. 6. Bone should be harvested from a new site each time, avoiding overlap with other harvest sites.

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Regeneration - 9

Autogenous bone was harvested from the ramus. The defect was filled with shaved autogenous bone following Intraoral radiograph im- implant placement. mediate after surgery. extracted 2 months before. #34 was extracted and the sock- Auto-Max was prepared for bone et was degranulated thoroughly. harvesting. The prosthetics on mandibular right molar were broken with second- Three implants were placed after extraction and degranulation of residual roots. All the implants showed bone defects. Auto-Max harvested autogenous bone from edentulous area.

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Regeneration - 10

Bone graft materials Bone graft materials

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Regeneration - 11

Bone graft materials We understand your CONCERNS about bone graft materials so we have prepared All options for ideal regeneration. Bone Graft Material Autogenous Auto-Max Allograft Mega-Oss Xenograft Mega-Oss Bovine We are proud of the WOrld-ClaSS quality of our bone products and you will be happy with our competitive prices. We strictly control particle Size of graft materials (400-750ym), and maintain higher interconnected porOSity for angiogenesis.

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Regeneration - 12

Mega - Oss™ 100% healthy US donor for US & EN market, 100% healthy Korean donor for Korean and Asian market. FDBA (Freeze Dried Bone Allograft). Ideal Combination of Cancellous (60%) & Cortical (40%) bone. Promotes cell adhesion, bone re- modeling and re-formation of blood Cortical Bone has a slow infiltration capacity, enabling the maintenance of space in grafted areas. Strictly Selected particle size (400-71 Oym). small particles(<250/jm) may provoke inflammatory response rather than osseous regeneration. Does your current graft material consider this point?

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Regeneration - 13

Mega-Oss Bovine Bone graft materials Mega-Oss Bovine The new gold standard for Xenograft Mega-Oss Bovine™ sincerely wants to be compared in quality with Bio-Oss®(Geistlich, Switzerland), which has the biggest market share in Superior porous structure Mega-Oss Bovine™ is an inorganic natural bone material extracted from bovine bone from Australia which is officially recognized by BSE as safe and clean region. The organic part of the bovine bone is effectively removed through various processes, no additives are added during processing, and it has no immunological rejection. All the products...

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Regeneration - 14

- Optimal porous structure similar to cancellous bone • 3- Dimensional Interconnected Porous Structure (3 DIPS) • The pores are optimized for new tissue and vessel growth(100~300yrn in diameter) [Reference: B.S. Chang etal., Biomaterials, 2000. 21 (12);1291-1298] • 75% macro-porosity and more than 99% interconnectivity offers outstanding compressive strength. - Outstanding stability • Conforming to the international standard (ASTM F1088 - 04 Standard Specification for Beta Tricalcium Phosphate for Surgical Implantation), highly pure beta TCP is sintered at high temperature during production...

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Regeneration - 15

Bone Plus Bone graft materials (BCP, Biphasic Calcium Phosphate) A human biopsy to show excellent bone ingrowth into macro- and micro- pores. Small biopsy material was harvested from the ridge between two fixtures to verify the quality of regeneration with a trephine. Trichrome stain

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Regeneration - 16

Best selection for Sinus graft Crestal approach Crestal approach e c Lateral approach Lateral a MILA kitTM

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Regeneration - 17

Surgical Method Classified by Sinus Condition Class I: High and Wide Short and Wide Implant (5 ~ 7mm) Class III: High and Narrow

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Regeneration - 18

Crestal approach (MegaGen Implant Crestal Approach Kit) mplant

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Regeneration - 19

Innovation of Samuel Lee's Internal Sinus Graft System REV.04 Combined function of Diamond Drill and Reamer Drill The smooth surface makes cleaning easy and leaves no residues after cleaning. Stopper provides safe drilling without damaging the membrane even when visibility is poor. Bone chips can be easily removed without get- ting stuck, so continuous use is possible. Its excellent bone cutting capability eliminates the need to use the pointed or ASBE trephine burs. Diamond Drill

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Regeneration - 20

ASBE Trephine Bur ■ Scale 2:1 Hand Driver-scaled

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Regeneration - 21

Spreader & Condenser - Scale 1:1

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Regeneration - 22

Drill with a Point trephine bur: 2mm at a time Drill with ASBE Trephine bur until 1 -2mm of bone is left and break the bone by slightly tilting the bur. until the laser marking is reached. Remove the collected bone in the trephine by unscrewing the Mini Screw and rotating the shank. Adjust the position of the stopper to 1 mm longer Use the Mushroom to lift the membrane through Lift membrane using the Cobra. than the remaining bone height and drill with a the hole made. Express bur 0.7-1 mm smaller in size than the Graft the harvested bone and alloplastic material Adjust the stopper of...

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