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Rescue Internal

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Super Wide & Short The Most Effective Implant System for Molar Reconstruction! Submerged Internal Trip Connection ► Unlike other wide diameter fixtures which have experienced severe bone loss, our specially engineered design with platform switching maintains crestal bone. ► Restoration of molar sites can be achieved with Rescue implants, despite minimal vertical height and inferior osseos tissue sites. ► Extraction sockets can be restored with Rescue fixtures. Design The 0.8 degree pitched thread provides maximum contact for effective osseointegration. Because of the buttress thread design,...

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Internal / 3 Step Surgical Procedure & Instruments Dental Implant Specialty Company, MegaGen! : Reference Code STEP 1: Trephine Drilling with Stopper{ In order to create the osteotomy, follow drilling sequence according to fixture diameter. For safe trephine drilling, rotate drill in counter clockwise direction until saw part of trephine bur engages crest of bone. Then proceed drilling in clockwise direction. In accordance with drilling sequence, extend the osteotomy using the pilot drill. In dense bone situations, pre-tapping may be required prior STEP 4: Fixture Placement ° Use mount-free...

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Internal / Abutments Dental Implant Specialty Company, MegaGen! : Reference Code ^ Non-Trip Type Trip Type CH : Cuff Height PD : Profile Diameter PH : Post Height Cover Screw Healing Abutment '[EES? Abutment Screw GoldAbui Impression Coping [Pick-up Type] Short Long Fixture Fixture EZ Post [Post Height = 8.0mm]

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Dental Implant Specialty Company, MegaGen! Rescue Internal Fixture MRHC100 Handpiece Connector / Short MRHC200 Handpiece Connector / Long Ratchet Extension / Short Ratchet Extension / Long MHD120L Hand Driver 1.2 Hex/Long MRE400S Ratchet Extension Plus

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Dental Implant Specialty Company, MegaGen! CH: Cuff Height PD : Profile Diameter PH : Post Height

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Dental Implant Specialty Company, MegaGen! CH : Cuff Height PD : Profile Diameter PH : Post Height

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Designed by ; Design dpt. Volume RCI-C1-EN-13-001, JUN.2013 Customer Service [HEAD OFFICE] MEGAGEN IMPLANT CO.,LTD 472, HANJANGGUN-RO, JAIN-MYUN, GYEONGSAN, GYEONGBUK, KOREA, 712-852 5F MegaGen Tower, 607 Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea Tel: 82-53-857-5770 Fax: 82-53-857-5432 E-mail: [Abtin Pezeshk Abzar Co.] / Iran 440 Sylvan Ave. Suite 200 Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632, USA Tel : (+1)866-277-5662 E-mail : Unit 12, 3th Floor, building pezashkan sabz 2 (No8), Imam zadeh Alley, Opposite Dowlat St,Shariati,Tehran-Iran Tel:...

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