Sample Reformatter MRA-CDS-102,CDS-100


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A sample reformatter that can be fit into biosafety cabinets Compact

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Sample Reformatter MRA-CDS-102,CDS-100 - 2

SAMPLE REFORMATTER MRA-CDS-102 MegaRobo, as the premier global provider of laboratory automation solutions,inde-pendently developed our sample reformatter and has received continuous praises from customers. The system integrates artificial intelligence and automated control for flexiblity and for user friendliness. The MRA-CDS-102 model can easily fit into biosafety cabinets with convenient installation. The system integrates functions such as capping and de-capping, barcode scanning and intelligent liquid transfer, making the transfer of sam-ples from tubes to 96 well plates fast and...

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Sample Reformatter MRA-CDS-102,CDS-100 - 3

Automatic Aspirating and Dispensing 96 Deep Well Plate Loading of Capped Samples Small size, easy to carry and easy to install, can be put into biosafety cabinets, without additional negative pressure laminar flow system. Efficient 96 1 Handle 96 samples in 10 mins, and one person can operate multiple devices at the same time. Restoring with Original Tubes and Caps Sample Information Entry Automatic capping Automatic De-capping 产品特点: Features Automatic barcode scanning Support loading of tubes with caps. Automatic capping and decapping to avoid human contact with samples. Tips can be changed...

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Multi-level Solutions Adapt to Various Application Scenarios Sample Reformatter Sample Reformatter Ultra-High-Throughput Fully Automatic Nucleic Acid Detection System Mobile Cabin PCR Laboratory Power Supply ated Power Operating Environment Application Parameters Sample Throughput 40%-80%R H(No condensation) 96 tube samples/10 mins 96 Deep Well Plate Pipetting Principle Pipetting Capability Pipetting Precision (With 300μL tips) Pipetting Accuracy (With 300μL tips) Pipetting Performance Plate Type Positioning Accuracy of Manipulators Safe protect With emergency stop buttonCan be placed in a...

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