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Mego afek medical catalog

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Lympha press Mego Afek AC Ltd. Kibbutz Afek, 30042 Israel Tel: 972-4-8784-277 Fax: 972-4-8784-148 Email: Internet:

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Major Distributors: Lympha Press USA Inc. NJ 07726, USA Villa Sana GmbH & Co. medizinische Produkte KG 91798 Weiboldshausen, Germany Rolf Davidsen Helseagenturer A/S 4291 Kopervik, Norway CINCOS : Medical & Esthetica 08038 Barcelona, Spain Cirurgia Montserrat : Medical Supplies 09636-000 Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Complies and approvals: Our products are CE, FDA, JGMP, CSA & CUL approved and the quality system complies with ISO 13485:2003 and CAN / CSA ISO 13485:2003 Professional & Hospital Rehabilitation & Clinics Home Care

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Phlebo Press Phlebo Press® is a sequential pneumatic compression system specially designed for efficient reduction and management of peripheral edema, such as lymphedema and ulceration associated with venous insufficiency. Phlebo Press® is designed to give quality treatment at home. It is easy to use and encourages patient compliance. Phlebo Press® Garments feature unique overlapping 4 cell design to provide smooth and effective treatment. Phlebo Press® belongs to the world famous Lympha Press® family of devices, produced and serviced by Mego Afek distributors worldwide. Features: Fully...

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Phlebo Press The leading basic device for long years of home care Phlebo Press® with full leg sleeve Phlebo Press® with arm & hand sleeve 5

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Lympha Press Optimal ® New in Lympha Press family: Based on the reliable and durable Lympha Press® MINI line, the Lympha Press® Optimal is a pressure controlled device and features Pretherapy treatment also for home care patients. The Pretherapy Treatment is a gentle massaging of the proximal lymphatics, with the purpose of easying the lymph liquids transit, based on MLD (manual lymph drainage) procedures. The Pretherapy starts the treatment at the proximal end of the treated limb. Lympha Press® Optimal then moves on to the main treatment, either sequential buildup pressure or Wave...

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Lympha Press Optimal Comprehensive Treatment at Home Lympha Press® Optimal with medical compression pants Lympha Press® Optimal models: Features the following treatment cycles: 1. Pretherapy Cycle 2. Lympha Gradient Cycle (sequential) 3. Wave® Cycle (peristaltic dynamic compression) The Gradient feature is built into the device treatment cycles. The device ensures the pressure applied is gradually lowered as the compression sequence advances up the limb. The gradient steps and pressures can be calibrated on the device or with the help of an easy to use PC software. Indications: As on Lympha...

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The Comfy® Arm Sleeve 1-75 offers a new and greatly improved way to treat lymphedema in the upper limbs. The treated area does not stop at the upper arm but now includes the armpit as well as the upper shoulder, one side of the back, chest and abdomen. To assure effective treatment and results it is recommended to use the Comfy Arm Sleeve with the Lympha Press® Optimal device.

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A unique garment for the treatment of obese lymphedema patients. For the treatment of lymphedema, venous insufficiency, venous stasis ulcers, traumatic edema, and dysfunction of the muscle pump. The LymphaPod® garment LymphaPod® is the only pneumatic compression system designed specifically for the morbidly obese. • • • • • • Revolutionary, innovative construction. (Patent Pending) Designed especially for patients with limited mobility. Unique “sleeping bag” design for easy donning and doffing. Treats the entire lower body, including hips, abdomen and genital areas. Lympha Press sequential...

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Lympha Press Plus ® Lympha Press® Plus is specially designed for medical professionals. It combines digital technology with the therapist’s touch. Lympha Press® Plus enables individual pressure settings for each of the 12 cells. Create individualized treatments with following cycles: Lymphedema of legs and arms. Healing of venous stasis ulcers. Promotion of wound recovery. Relief from muscular and nervous pain. Relief of discomfort from leg fatigue. Post-mastectomy lymphedema with scar tissue. Post-traumatic edemas. Post-traumatic lymphedema. Ulceration lymphedema with local discomfort....

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Lympha Press Plus Maximum Treatment at Your Fingertips Lympha Press® Plus with medical compression jacket

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Lympha Press® Mini Treating lymphedema correctly means a lifelong commitment to a regimen of care. Home therapy with the Lympha Press® Mini is easy and effective, saves clinic visits, and increases patient compliance for better treatment results. ■ Lymphedema of legs and arms. ■ Healing of venous stasis ulcers. ■ Promotion of wound recovery. ■ Relief from muscular and nervous pain. ■ Relief of discomfort from leg fatigue. Features for Lympha Press® Mini ■ Up to 24 overlapping pressure cells. ■ Fully variable pressure range 20 to 80 mmHg for safe use ■ User friendly - easy to use. ■ Compact,...

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Lympha Press Mini Hospital quality Treatment at Home Lympha Press® Mini with “Comfy” Leg Sleeve

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Lympha Press Wave ® Lympha Press® Wave Using its unique peristaltic cycle, Lympha Wave™ encourages venous and lymphatic return, and is highly recommended for post-traumatic edema, edema of venous origin, leg ulcers, wound recovery and post-operative venous ligation or stripping. Compression is applied sequentially to all parts of the limb. The ideal cycle for individuals with localized discomfort. Indications: Post-mastectomy lymphedema with scar tissue. Post-traumatic edemas. Post-traumatic lymphedema. Ulceration. Lymphedema with local discomfort from continuous pressure. Lympha Press®...

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Hospitals Specialized Clinics The most powerful compression unit in the Lympha Press family. The Lympha Press®103 is used when intensive lymph drainage in required. Pressure ranges from 20 to 180 mmHg. All treatments must be under close supervision of trained medical staff. The device is sturdy, durable and can be used for many years, also in remote field clinics. Lympha Press®103 can inflate most of Mego Afek compression garments. Up to 24 overlapping pressure cells. Fully variable pressure range 20 to180mmHg for safe use also at home. User friendly - easy to use. Quiet. Compact, easy to...

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