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Pneumatic Compression  Therapy Systems

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Pneumatic Compression Therapy Systems Angio Press

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About Us Mego Afek is a world leader in the development and manufacture of medical pneumatic compression therapy systems. We provide advanced, effective, and user friendly solutions for lymphedema, venous insufficiency, peripheral arterial disease, and prevention of deep vein thrombosis. We offer: The world’s most recognized brand names: Including Lympha Press®, with over 35 years of clinical experience. Innovation: Our systems are technology leaders in their respective markets, setting standards for advanced dynamic compression with unique features to improve patient care and quality of...

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For treatment of lymphedema, venous insufficiency and venous stasis ulcers

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Lympha Press® Lympha Press® systems are designed for optimal treatment and easy operation. The most versatile and advanced systems • Short cycle maximizes lymphatic uptake and makes treatment more efficient. • Smart technology provides accurate pressure, for every size garment. • Adaptive pause ensures complete deflation in between compressions for lymphatic refill. • Advanced treatment sequences including Pretherapy™ based on manual lymph drainage. Unique solutions • Sturdy, high-quality garments designed for maximum patient compliance and comfort. • Multiple overlapping chambers decongest...

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PCD-51™ is a compact, sequential system designed for quality home treatment, with user-friendly design that encourages patient compliance. Adjustable pressure from 20 to 80 mmHg accommodates a variety of clinical situations. The console is compatible with all Lympha Press® four and eight chamber sleeves. • Fully variable range from 20 to 80 mmHg • Treats one or two limbs simultaneously • User friendly • Lightweight and portable • Multi-Voltage - convenient for travel • Choice of four or eight chamber garments with Lympha Press® overlapping chamber design • Single patient use garments and...

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Garments for use with PCD-51™ Four Chamber Garments Arm Sleeve Treats entire arm and shoulder Multiple sizes available, including extra wide Eight Chamber Garments Leg Sleeve Multiple sizes available Treats post breast cancer lymphedema of the arm, shoulder and chest. Treats entire lower body, including abdomen, groin, hips, buttocks and legs. Single patient use Personal™ garments for short term treatment Ideal for wound clinics, traumatic edemas, hospital-based care and other short term needs

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Lympha Press Mini® offers 12 chamber sequential compression, with user selected treatment time and pressure from 20-80 mmHg. Its sturdy design makes it ideal for treatment of a wide variety of patients, at home or in clinic. Features: • Pressure range 20 to 80 mmHg • User friendly for clinic and home use • Sturdy and reliable • Compatible with our comprehensive range of unique and innovative garments Technical specifications

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Lympha Press Optimal® provides advanced pneumatic compression sequences including: • Lympha sequential mode for effective reduction of edema and fibrosis. • Wave peristaltic mode for comfortable, effective treatment in patients with distal discomfort. • Pretherapy™ designed on the principles of manual lymph drainage Features: • Adjustable range 20 to 90 mmHg in a gradient, to enhance distal to proximal • Lympha Press® Smart Technology™ “learns” the patient's individual size and accurate pressure to each chamber. • User-friendly, clear interface. • Can program via computer, for pressure...

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Garments for use with Lympha Press Mini® and Lympha Press Optimal® Leg Sleeve Twelve overlapping chambers for accurate pressure application and comfort. Available in a range of lengths and widths, including extra wide. Provides the most advanced therapy for postmastectomy lymphedema, and treats the arm, shoulder,chest, abdomen and axilla. It is designed for independent use at home. Lympha Pod® The world’s only pneumatic compression garment especially designed for treatment of extremely large patients. “Sleeping bag” design makes it easy to use. Lympha Jacket® Complete bilateral treatment...

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Indications: • Primary lymphedema • Secondary lymphedema • Venous insufficiency • Venous stasis ulcers • Dysfunction of the muscle pump • Post mastectomy edema • Edema following trauma or sports injuries • Post immobilization edema • Lipedema • Reduction of wound healing time • Reduction of pain and swelling after injury and surgery Contraindications: Use of Lympha Press® is not recommended in the presence of one or more of the following conditions: • Known or suspected deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism • During the inflammatory phlebitis process • Acute infection of the...

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Pneumatic compression for prevention of deep vein thrombosis

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Phlebo Press® DVT 601 is used for prevention of deep vein thrombosis in patients who are at risk. It works by applying external compression sequentially from foot to calf in a gentle pressure wave that mimics the action of natural walking and increases venous blood flow. Features: • Optimal compression cycle for maximum blood flow • Easy to operate • Audible and visual alarm • Soothing and pleasant massage action • Choice of single patient use garments in knee length, thigh length, and our unique foot-calf sleeve. • Choice of single patient use sleeves for short term use, or durable fabric...

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Phlebo Press® DVT 603 Phlebo Press® DVT 603 is the most versatile DVT prevention system on the market today. It has fully automatic operation, and operates intermittent (single) and sequential (four chamber) sleeves at pressures specific to each garment type (45 mmHg for thigh and knee high sleeves, 130 mmHg for foot), all at the touch of a single button. Features: • Simple one-button operation, with automatic sleeve recognition • Operates four chamber sequential or economical single chamber sleeves. • Battery power for up to eight hours of use. • Balanced hanging mechanism • Audible and...

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