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The revolution of instrument reprocessing Cleaning & Disinfection Sterilization

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Careclave Prospekt - 2

Redefining instrument reprocessing Rethink everything you know about instrument reprocessing: Careclave revolutionizes the workflow in dental practices and clinics. Discover the advantages of our worldwide unique 4-in-1 Solution: Maximum safety for patients and personnel alike Do not make any compromises in your hygiene standards: Careclave ensures the reprocessing of up to 200 handpieces and further instruments in a single practice day. Wellness for your instruments Protect your precious instruments against wear: Careclave provides the best-possible care for your transmission instruments...

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Careclave Prospekt - 3

1. Cleaning & disinfection The perfect duo for your workflow: Careclave and Carebox guarantee the best cleaning and disinfection outcomes for the reprocessing of 8 transmission instruments, prophylaxis handpieces or ultrasonic scaler tips in only 16 minutes. Feel good – not just about instrument reprocessing, but also about patient treatment! The standard compliant reprocessing of handpieces and turbines often poses a challenge in terms of time and money. But that will now come to an end: Nine years of intensive research and development have brought together what belongs together. The...

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Careclave Prospekt - 4

#Instruments Smooth running – Careclave helps to increase the life span of your instruments and reduces service costs. Protecting chuck systems. Reducing service costs. The ADDcare station, ergonomically integrated into the door of Careclave, ensures the vital care for your instrument heads. Cleaning and care are the basis for the reliable function and long life span of your valuable instruments. Achieve this result with only one device: The pioneering technology of the new Careboxes guarantees perfectly-prepared instruments between patient treatments. The excellent reprocessing outcomes...

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Careclave Prospekt - 5

Unbeatable affordability With cycle costs of under 1 Euro for electricity, water, compressed air and oil, the reprocessing and lubrication costs less than 12 Cents per handpiece. Four process steps in one single device, promising advantages for you. Why use 4 products for instrument reprocessing when you can do everything with one single device? Careclave saves time, money and space in comparison to conventional device combinations from day one in your dental practice and clinic: Lower service costs: Fewer devices mean lower costs: Careclave is not only more affordable to purchase, but also...

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Careclave Prospekt - 6

The foundation for real innovation Double Jacket Technology & DRYtelligence You need to rely on perfect sterilization and drying results? Then take advantage of the unique double jacket chamber concept and algorithmcontrolled drying. These patented innovations permit a maximum load of 11 kg – a volume of instruments for which other devices need two or more cycles. Our Digital Tools Smart workflows in instrument reprocessing: The Download Center, Troubleshooting Portal and our Multimedia Channel support you in your daily practice. Discover our Digital Tools at Multimedia...

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Careclave Prospekt - 7

For your safety: Everything from one source. The MELAG System Solution Your decontamination room – the place where you ensure patient safety The perfect alignment of the MELAG System Solution saves even more time and money in instrument reprocessing. Discover the advantages of the MELAG washer-disinfectors, sealing devices and software solutions ideally aligned to Careclave: One central contact to answer all your instrument reprocessing questions Process optimized: Cost optimization by synchronizing the service of all devices in your decontamination room An aligned operating concept to...

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Careclave Prospekt - 8

As versatile as your needs A variety of accessories enables you to assemble the configuration which best suits your needs. Ideally aligned to your workflow, Careclave maximizes safety and efficiency in infection control! Everything began with an idea: Our video introduces the faces behind Careclave. 1. Select your load: We provide versatile loading systems for all application scenarios to ensure the optimal use of the reprocessing chamber. Carebox Green Carebox Blue Mount with short trays Mount with long trays for the reprocessing of hollow body instruments which...

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Careclave Prospekt - 9

All numbers and facts at a glance Technical data With a wide range of different programs, Careclave guarantees optimal instrument reprocessing and lubrication. This section provides information about the Careclave mode (with an inserted Carebox) and Vacuclave mode (without a Carebox): Careclave mode Cycle time incl. drying Care-Therm Program Cleaning inside and outside, thermal disinfection, lubrication (if necessary) of the instruments in Carebox Care-S Program Cleaning inside and outside, lubrication (if necessary), sterilization (134 °C, holding time 3.5 min) of the instruments in...

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