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Cliniclave 45 M - 1

Cliniclave®45 The large steam sterilizer for practice and clinic use

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Cliniclave 45 M - 2

The success of a family-led company As an owner-run and operated family concern founded in 1951, we have a long history of successful specialization in hygiene products for practice-based use. It is this specialization that enables our 100 person-strong expert development team to maintain and develop our product range to its current world-class. Our focus on innovation, quality and the highest standards of operational reliability has established MELAG as the world’s leading manufacturer in the sector of instrument treatment and hygiene, selling over 485,000 devices to date. Our entire...

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Cliniclave 45 M - 3

Better for the treatment of your instruments Saving time With a maximum load of up to 35 kg, the Cliniclave 45 can sterilize significantly more instruments than other devices of its class. Sterilize your instruments in less than 45 minutes, including drying. Safe documentation The extra-large colour-touch display enables intuitive operation. Its integrated documentation and clearance software permits complete reproducibility. Ergonomic working A range of batch configurations can be inserted in and removed from the Cliniclave 45 quickly and ergonomically. Saving energy The large load sizes...

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Cliniclave 45 M - 4

Integrated software for clearance and instrument traceability The documentation and clearance software already installed in Cliniclave 45 permits complete reproducibility and secure traceability. The very large colour-touch display enables intuitive operation, helping the operator to avoid errors and find all the important information. Batch clearance Label printing An individual PIN can be issued to every user to enable safe traceability in the clearance procedure. Authentication of the batch clearance can be performed quickly and safely on the display. "The user-friendly batch clearance...

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Cliniclave 45 M - 5

Loading and unloading made easy The loading system of the Cliniclave 45 enables the loading and unloading of a wide range of loading configurations without exertion. The door hinge can be located on the left or the right hand-side of the Cliniclave 45, to adapt to difficult room conditons. "The loading and unloading of the large steam sterilizer using the loading system and the transport trolley guarantees ergonomic and safe working pratices." Sabine, SPREEDOCS Outpatient surgery centre

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Cliniclave 45 M - 6

Processing more instruments faster The sterilization of larger quantities of instruments and textiles and their quick availability is one of the most important requirements in clinics, practices and outpatient centres. With a maximum load of up to 35 kg of instruments, or up to 7 kg of textiles, the Cliniclave 45 can sterilize significantly more instruments than almost all other large steam sterilizers. Wrapped instruments can be processed in a record time of 30 minutes (including drying). Used in connection with specially-designed mounts, the cylindrical sterilization chamber provides the...

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Cliniclave 45 M - 7

Even greater efficiency and convenience It is often the small things that make our working lives more pleasant. The versatility of the Cliniclave 45 enables you to make working processes more simple, safe and convenient. Automatic shutdown Activating this function before starting the last batch of the day means that the Cliniclave 45 shuts down automatically, immediately after the end of the program run. Batch clearance can then be performed the next day, immediately after activating the steam sterilizer. Additional drying For especially demanding loads such as anaesthetic hoses, plastic...

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Cliniclave 45 M - 8

The "M" stands for Magnum: even more loading capacity With a sterilization chamber double the depth of its twin, the Cliniclave 45 M can accept two sterilization containers (30x30x60 cm). Representing double the loading quantity of the Cliniclave 45, it can hold 70 kg instruments or 14 kg of textiles. With its innovative form design, this device concept provides unbeatably good value for money. Comparison of the sterilization chamber depth: The Cliniclave 45 M provides all the functions of the Cliniclave 45. The mounts and possible loading configurations (of trays, containers and instrument...

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Cliniclave 45 M - 9

Making your instruments available more quickly Fast operating times and reliable sterilization results number amongst the most important requirements made of a large steam sterilizer. The multipoint steam intake and discharge technology deployed in the Cliniclave 45 guarantee that these requirements are met. Universal-Program Partial load3) Full load4) Textiles5) Single wrapped Multiple wrapping Prion-Program Partial load3) Full load4) Textiles5) Multiple wrapping Multiple wrapping 1) Without drying and dependent on the load and the set-up conditions e.g. mains voltage and air-pressure. 2)...

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Cliniclave 45 M - 10

Before installing a large steam sterilizer, it is important to ensure that local conditions permit efficient installation. Performance features 10045 (door hinge left) 10047 (door hinge right) 10048 (door hinge left or right) Chamber volume Chamber diameter | chamber depth Dimensions (W x H x D) table-top device Dimensions (W x H x D) floor unit 65 x 160 x 153 cm (The Cliniclave 45 M is only available with a floor unit) Empty weight table-top device Only available with floor unit Empty weight with floor unit Power supply Supply with feed water is best performed via a MELAdem 56 reverse...

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Cliniclave 45 M - 11

Well-conceived solutions for all departments 15 dental containers (each 31 x 5 x 19 cm) 24 dental trays (each 19 x 2 x 29 cm) Four trays (each 31 x 5 x 59 cm) A whole sterilization container (W x H x D = 30 x 30 x 60 cm) Two half containers ½ StE (each 30 x 15 x 60 cm) An instrument basket (W x H x D = 28 x 14 x 57 cm) and two trays (each 31 x 5 x 59 cm) Adapted to the needs of the Cliniclave 45 series, we offer a loading system for convenient and effort-saving ergonomics in the loading and unloading of the steam sterilizer

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Cliniclave 45 M - 12

MELAG quality for investment security and standard conformity The Cliniclave series is produced in conformity with the following directives and standards: 93/42/EEC class IIb (European Directive for Medical Devices) 97/23/EC (Pressure Equipment Directive) 2006/42/EC (Machinery Directive) EN 285 (Large Steam Sterilizers) EN 61010-1/-2-040 (Safety requirements for Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control, and Laboratory Use – Parts 1 and 2) EN 61326-1 (Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control and Laboratory Use. EMC requirements – Part 1: General Requirements) EN 60601-1-2 (General...

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