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The Cliniclave® series


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The Cliniclave® series - 1

_ MELAG Quality - made in Germany competence in hygiene

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The Cliniclave® series - 2

The Cliniclave series Four models for the greatest-possible flexibility Our experience from developing and manufacturing steam sterilizers since decades, paired with the innovation power of our 165 specialist engineers has resulted in an especially innovative and energy-efficient series of steam sterilizer: the Cliniclave series. In addition to the typical MELAG features of record operating times, an intuitive operating concept and integrated documentation and approval, the four steam sterilizers of this new range present a series of further unique innovations which only we as the...

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The Cliniclave® series - 3

The three most important advantages of the Cliniclave series at a glance 1. Save time With a load quantity of up to 70 kg, the steam sterilizers of the Cliniclave series can sterilize significantly more instruments than other devices of their class, and achieve record operating sterilization times with low levels of water and energy consumption. A wide range of batch configurations can be inserted and removed from the steam sterilizer using the loading system (including loading trolley), thereby allowing ergonomic, quick and secure operation. The XXL colour touch-display enables intuitive...

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The Cliniclave® series - 4

1. Save time Sterilizing large quantities in short operating times. The sterilization of large instrument quantities and textiles and their quick availability is one of the most important requirements in clinics, practices and outpatient centres. With a load quantity of up to 70 kg of wrapped instruments or 14 kg of textiles, the steam sterilizers of the Cliniclave series provide far greater performance than almost all other large steam sterilizers. Used in connection with specially-designed mounts, the cylindrical sterilization chamber provides the best solution for all departments. Ideal...

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The Cliniclave® series - 5

2. Work ergonomically With a loading system for secure and ergonomic loading and unloading. The loading system of the Cliniclave series enables the loading and unloading of a wide range of loading configurations without much effort. The lower level of the loading trolley provides sufficient space to load the Cliniclave series steam sterilizers with further sterilization containers or other load elements. The loading system includes a loading trolley and a batch slider with Teflon runners. The sterilization containers or the tray mount are placed on the batch slider and moved securely with...

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The Cliniclave® series - 6

3. Document securely With an integrated software for the approval and traceability of instruments. The XXL colour touch-display enables an intuitive operation and helps the operator to avoid errors and to find all the important information quickly. The documentation and approval software integrated in all devices of the Cliniclave series permits complete reproducibility and total security. An individual PIN can be issued to every user to enable secure traceability in the approval procedure. Authentication of the batch approval can be performed quickly and securely on the display. The...

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The Cliniclave® series - 7

Further device functions making your day that little bit easier It is often the small things that make our working lives more pleasant. A range of features in the Cliniclave series help to make your working procedures more simple and secure. These functions are integrated in all of the models of the Cliniclave series and can be activated directly via the XXL colour touch-display. DRYtelligence® The patented procedure of the sensorcontrolled and load-specific vacuum drying procedure saves time, cooling water and energy and guarantees optimal drying results. Energy-saving mode If the...

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The Cliniclave® series - 8

Innovative and convincing technology The innovative functions and durable components of the high-end Cliniclave series produce consistently convincing results. The unique device concept satisfies the highest requirements. In addition to the central device components shown below, the steam sterilizers of the Cliniclave series contain a range of further highlights, including the unique concept of multipoint steam intake and discharge technology for record operating times and excellent drying results. 1. XXL colour touch-display 2. Microprocessor control and monitoring electronics for secure...

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The Cliniclave® series - 9

Even more space in the Magnum steam sterilizers of the Cliniclave series The Cliniclave 45 M and Cliniclave 45 MD accommodate 2 sterilization units and can sterilize up to 70 kg of instruments in record time. Four example loads: Cliniclave 45 M with 2 sterilization containers 30 x 30 x 60 cm tray tray tray tray tray tray tray tray tray tray Cliniclave 45 M with 8 trays 30 x 5 x 59 cm Cliniclave 45 M with 3 sterilization containers 30 x 15 x 60 cm and 2 trays 30 x 5 x 59 cm Cliniclave 45 M with 4 instrument baskets The Cliniclave 45 M shown above is also available as the double-door...

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The Cliniclave® series - 10

The compact dimensions of the four large steam sterilizers of the Cliniclave series are ideally-suited to the needs of clinics, practices and outpatient centres. The position of the door hinge (left or right-hand side) can be chosen for each Cliniclave model - including the doors of the pass-through steam sterilizers. Supply with feed water is best performed via a MELAdem 56 reverse osmosis unit. The MELAdem 56 was developed especially for the Cliniclave series and complies with the requirements of EN 1717 for the protection of the drinking water. The MELAdem 56 is installed in the floor...

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The Cliniclave® series - 11

Fast operating times and secure sterilization are amongst the most important requirements of a large steam sterilizer. The devices of the Cliniclave series always fulfil these requirements. The large load quantities and the low water and energy consumption make the steam sterilizers of the Cliniclave series the most efficient and compact large steam sterilizers of their class. 1) Without drying and dependent on the load and the set-up conditions e.g. mains voltage and air-pressure. 2) When taking into account the specified load quantities, the program-specific drying times guarantee...

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