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Cliniklav®25 - 1

® Cliniklav 25 For highest quality in surgical applications MELAG Evidence Based Sterilization

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Cliniklav®25 - 2

® Cliniklav 25 Built-in printer for documenting program cycles The big one from MELAG – a powerful piece of technology For more than 55 years now, MELAG has produced high-quality sterilizers in Berlin. We have delivered 420,000 units all over the world, where they provide daily proof of quality “Made in Germany”. Over the past years we have manufactured thousands of autoclaves with fractionated pre-vacuum system and have strengthened our leading international position in this field as well. In recent years regulations valid for autoclaves have been harmonized and standardized through-out...

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Cliniklav®25 - 3

Easy to use: Easily legible display with plain text Sterilization chamber made of high- quality stainless steel with massive, precision-finished sealing surface The quadratic sterilization chamber simplifies loading and maximizes capacity. Safety door contact switch Motor-protection switch Easily assessible: Mains fuses Cliniklav®25 loaded with container and with

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Cliniklav®25 - 4

BIG PERFORMANCE – COMPACT DIMENSIONS Quick Reliable From the very beginning of development of the It becomes really clear in a surgery how important Cliniklav 25, MELAG has placed great emphasis a high-quality autoclave is when you don’t have not only on economy of power and water con- one: i. e., when you have to postpone an operat- sumption, but also on short program run times. In ion because sterile instruments, towels, aprons, addition to reduction of costs per sterilization etc., are just not ready. Several thousand hours of cycle, these savings also mean that you need endurance tests...

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Cliniklav®25 - 5

C o m p a c t , s p a re , and attractive T h r i f t y a n d e n v i ro n mentally conscious 62 cm Equipment usually tends to grow fatter over the An advanced, environmentally conscious compa- years owing to more and more special functions: ny must be committed to optimize its products although it is not always clear that they are neces- under environmental aspects as well. The sophisti- sary. From the very beginning of development of cated conception of the Cliniklav ® 25 successfully the Cliniklav ® 25, we made sure that its many and enables a minimum of consumption of tap water various...

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Cliniklav®25 - 6

SIMPLY AND DEPENDABLY EFFECTIVE User friendliness D e p e n d a b l y e ff e c t i v e Program diversity must never become an end in We well know that quality is the best advertising itself. A great number of control elements with con- for a product. This is why each Cliniklav ® 25 under- fusing menu selections may be optically impres- goes careful inspection and testing by our quality- sive: but they can prove very expensive when they assurance staff, during manufacture and before lead to the wrong program selection, aborted pro- delivery. No autoclave leaves our plant until it grams, and...

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Cliniklav®25 - 7

Documentation with the printer Documentation with PC: MELAview or MELAsoft In sterilization in the clinic or surgery, the state of the The more effective and convenient solution is art requires documentation of all measures taken against infection – and not only from liability and insurance standpoints. The MELAprint ® 42 printer integrated in the enclosure of the Cliniklav ® 25 effectively records the following data: – The program selected – Date, time of day, and batch number – Actual values of pressure, temperature, and time – Verification that the program has been successfully completed...

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Cliniklav®25 - 8

COMPLETE SERVICE PACK F i r s t a i d f ro m t h e M E L A G S e r v i c e C e n t re Onsite service near you What do you do when a malfunction happens to MELAG autoclaves are world famous for their occur? Our experience has shown that the cause great reliability. They are available exclusively from is often only an operator error, or sometimes poor selected, qualified MELAG affiliates. In the selec- feed water, but seldom actually a technical fault. tion of our business partners, we pay very special In all of these cases, MELAG remote diagnosis attention to the quality of the technical...

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Cliniklav®25 - 9

Wa t e r t re a t m e n t s y s t e m Ve r s a t i l e loading variations MELAdem ® 55 is a water treatment system de- The following accessories are available for the signed to provide high-quality demineralized wa- Cliniklav ® 25: ter for production of steam in the Cliniklav ® 25. It Stainless-steel loading rack (art.-no. 2517), for: operates according to the very environmentally – Up to four aluminium trays friendly and cost-effective principle of reverse os- (art.-no. 250, 59 x 30 x 5 cm), or mosis. The great benefit of this system is that it, – Up to two stainless-steel baskets unlike...

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Cliniklav®25 - 10

PROGRAM DIVERSITY U n i v e r s a l p ro g r a m 134 °C 2.1 bar 5.5 min 35 min 45 min 20 min Q u i c k p ro g r a m S (only 5.5Kg instruments single wrapped or 15Kg unwrapped) Sterilization temperature: Sterilization pressure: Sterilization time: Operating time (without drying): Warm start 1 Kg instruments: Warm start 15 Kg instruments: Drying time: Q u i c k p ro g r a m B (only unwrapped instruments) Sterilization temperature: Sterilization pressure: Sterilization time: Operating time (without drying): Warm start 1 Kg instruments: Warm start 15 Kg instruments: Drying time: Sterilization...

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Cliniklav®25 - 11

TECHNICAL DATA/INSTALLATION Components included: Installation by the user/ re q u i re m e n t s Door latch powered by electric motor, controlled by pushbutton Electric door locking Redundant process monitoring, independent of control system Absolute-pressure sensor for control, independent of fluctuations in atmospheric pressure PT 1000 sensor for exact control and monitoring of temperature Economical water-ring vacuum pump Powerful steam generator with 9-kW output Serial interface (RS 232) to connect the MELAprint ® 42 printer or a PC Connection of the Cliniklav ® 25 is very simple,...

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Cliniklav®25 - 12

Q u a l i t y u n d p re c i s i o n f o r m o s t e x a c t i n g h y g i e n i c re q u i re m e n t s More than 55 years ago, MELAG began in Berlin made MELAG equipment renowned for its quality to specialize in the manufacture of sterilization and convenience of operation. The company equipment. As a result of high-level quality cons- philosophy emphasizes the systematic focus on ciousness, reliability, and innovative eagerness – one restricted production program. With its highly together with the highest in safety objectives – the specialised development team of 40 engineers, it...

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