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DOCUMENTATION Logging · Evaluation · Release · Archiving MELAash · MELA net Box · MELAview · MELAsoft MELAdoc · MELAprint ® · MELAcontrol ® · MELAcontrol® PRO quality – made in Germany

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MELAash CF-Card-Printer MELAash · Advantages The MELAash-System comprises the CF-Card-Printer, the MELAash CF-Card and the MELAash card reader. These three components enable easy and convenient documentation of the tried and tested MELAG autoclaves of Pro-Class, S-Class, Cliniklav 25 and the MELAtronic EN series. Sterilization logs can be saved on a PC quickly and easily and there is no need for an external printer or connection to a clinic network. In this way, you can guarantee the long-term reproducibility of a successful sterilization cycle. By saving and displaying the data after it...

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MELAcontrol Pro - 3

MELAdoc MELAprint® Paper printout The documentation system Printout – MELAprint® 42 MELAdoc – the system that bridges the gap The MELAprint 42 dot matrix log printer is ideal for practice or clinic operations requiring a direct printout. MELAprint 42 records the following data: The MELAdoc label printer facilitates and simplies batch documentation, enabling you to trace every cycle. The faultless packages of sterilized instruments are labelled for identication after the sterilization process. MELAdoc labels are self-adhesive. After the instruments have been used, the MELAdoc label can be...

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Electronic batches and process documentation MELAG has developed two alternative software products with intuitive operation that meet the need for paperless documentation quickly and simply: MELAview documentation software and MELAsoft for more advanced, fully automatic batch and process documentation (with release function). MELAsoft MELAview The fully automatic, digital batch and process documentation system Quick and easy log documentation MELAsoft · Advantages MELAview · Advantages Via MELAsoft it is easy to connect MELAG sterilizers, cleaning and disinfection devices and sealing units...

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MELAcontrol Pro - 5

SYSTEMOVERVIEW MELAtherm® MELAash CF-Card-Printer Art.-no. 01039 Premium-Class Vacuquick® built in built in built in Pro-Class S-Class built in MELAash CF-Card Art.-no. 01043 MELAnet Box Art.-no. 40296 MELAprint® 42 Art.-no. 01042 MELAcontrol® Art.-no. 01080 MELAcontrol® PRO Art.-no. 01075 MELAview Art.-no. 21127 MELAsoft Art.-no. 21129 MELAsoft Label-Printer Art.-no. 21139 only in connection with MELAsoft MELAdoc Art.-no. 01095 The chart provides an overview of the range of autoclave models available from MELAG. Older MELAG autoclave models are also supported by the MELAG documentation...

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DOCUMENTED SAFETY For your patients, your team and your clinic! Instrument treatment ends with documented release for storage and use. Release must be performed and documented by authorized and skilled personnel. The release procedure consists of the procedure release, batch release and sterilized equipment release steps. Instruments used in doctors’ and dental practices or other outpatient institutions, i.e. instruments that come into contact with blood or wounds, must be used in a “sterile” state. The person who releases the instrument as “sterile” after sterilization assumes...

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