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MELAdem® - 1

MELA dem® Everything you need for water treatment Quality – made in Germany

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MELAdem® - 2

The success of a family-led company – through innovation and quality. As an owner-run and operated family concern founded in 1951, we have a long history of successful specialization in hygiene products for practice-based use. It is this specialization that enables our 100 person-strong development team of specialist engineers and IT experts to maintain and develop our product range at its current world-class standards. Our focus on quality, innovation and the highest of safety standards has established MELAG as the world’s leading manufacturer in the »hygiene products for the medical...

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MELAdem® - 3

The requirements. High-quality, clean demineralized or distilled water is very important for treating instruments in a medical or dental practice. This water is purified from tap / drinking water: containing a range of minerals, it requires treatment. Using water of a lower quality results in deposits of particulate matter (such a calcium carbonate) on the instruments and the chamber of the steam sterilizer. This accelerates their wear. A conductivity of even c. 30 μS / cm can result in discolouration and rust. Only the use of deminieralized water guarantees optimal value-retention of your...

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MELAdem® - 4

MELA dem® 40 with cartridge key MELA dem® 53 and MELA dem® 53 C Vacuklav® 40 B + with MELA dem® 40 and MELA jet ® spray pistol MELA dem® 53 fitted in a floor unit MELA dem® 53 MELA dem® 53 C The compact ion exchanger for practice steam sterilizers. Ion exchanger for MELA therm and further devices This compact ion exchanger has been designed for the supply of a practice steam sterilizer which will not be operated more than 3 – 4 times per day. The MELA dem 40 bracket enables it to be fitted in the immediate vicinity of or directly next to all MELAG steam sterilizers which are to be supplied...

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MELAdem® - 5

MELA dem®47 with removal valve and storage container, fitted in a floor unit MELA dem® 56 with storage container, fitted in a floor unit of the Cliniclave ® 45 MELA dem® 56 and MELA dem® 56 M The reverse osmosis unit for practice steam sterilizers. The reverse osmosis unit for the Cliniclave 45 and Cliniclave 45 M. The return osmosis principle is an especially environmentally friendly and economic method of water treatment. The high capacity of up to 1,900 l facilitates the problem-free connection of multiple practice steam sterilizers. The removal valve included in the scope of delivery...

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MELAdem® - 6

MELA jet ® installed on the MELA dem ® 40 Fig. left: MELA jet ® with individual attachments Fig. right: MELA jet ® with point jet MELA dest ® 65 with glass flask MELA jet ® for MELA dem® 40 and MELA dest ® 65 MELA dem® 53 Rinsing the instruments and the removal of demineralized water. Water distiller – For distilled water, fast and economically. We recommend that the instruments be rinsed thoroughly with demineralized water after manual disinfection and cleaning of the instruments and before their automatic treatment or sterilization. The MELA jet spray pistol enables the rinsing of...

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MELAdem® - 7

The water stop consisting of a control device (left) and a solenoid valve (right) Water stop Conductivity meter for checking the quality of the feed water. Safety valve for the water supply. The MELA test 60 enables a manual check of the conductivity of the demineralized water produced for sterilization/disinfection in order to protect those instruments and steam sterilizers not equipped with an integrated conductivity sensor from the effects of poor water quality. When using a water treatment unit, a washer-disinfector or a steam sterilizer with a fixed water supply and the water begins to...

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MELAdem® - 8

Technical Data and Facts. MELA dest 65 Ø 24 × 57* cm (*61.5 cm including connecting bend) Ø 24 × 44,3* cm (*48,8 cm including connecting bend) Weight (with mixed bed resin) Resulting water quality Wall mount Profi / S-Class MELA quick 12+/ 12+ p Rev 0 -15/ 1406 . 08.15. 5GB -TB - P-Wasser . Technical modifications reserved. Technical Data + (1) compatible only in connection with MELAtherm or Cliniclave overall weight, with filters and storage container (unfilled) Further information regarding these topics, our products and all current questions available under: MELAG – A...

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