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The MELAG dental program at a glance


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The MELAG dental program at a glance - 1

Instrument treatment in dental practice For your safety: MELAG – a one-stop shop.

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The MELAG dental program at a glance - 2

Cleaning and disinfection Quick, simple, safe and value-for-money. Automatic cleaning and disinfection of the instruments using a washer-disinfector is the safest procedure in terms of patient and staff protection. As an international market leader in the infection prevention sector, we do not just want to provide the best devices, but seek to improve the treatment process, so that you have more time for more important matters. We have drawn on our decades of experience with practice steam sterilizers to develop a world-class washer-disinfector, the MELAtherm, which has already found use in...

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The MELAG dental program at a glance - 3

MELAstore and MELAtherm The perfect combination for safe treatment and even greater time savings. MELAstore Instrument treatment with a fully-integrated system does not just save time and money but is also expressly recommended by many national and international authorities The new loading system MELAstore satisfies these requirements by enabling an optimal instrument workflow from the treatment to the storage. The loading system MELAstore consists of MELAstore-Trays and MELAstore-Boxes. The advantages of the MELAstore loading system at a glance • Saves time in the loading and unloading of...

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The MELAG dental program at a glance - 4

Packing the instruments before sterilization Quick and safe packing with standard conform sealing devices. MELAseal 200 • A validatable and compact sealing device of superior quality • Checks the process-relevant parameters pressure, temperature and sealing time • Two USB interfaces for documentation • Seal seam width of 10 mm • Satisfies the specifications of EN ISO 11607-2 • The roll dispenser "Deluxe" enables trouble-free film infeed MELAseal 200 with the especially easy-to-use roll dispenser "Deluxe" MELAseal Pro • Easy-to-use, validatable rotary sealing device • Additional instrument...

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The MELAG dental program at a glance - 5

MELAstore – the next generation of packaging For even quicker and safer operation. It saves 8 minutes in the treatment of 14 instruments MELAstore – Optimizing the workflow in 4 steps The short and simple packing process increases the level of standardization of instrument treatment and optimizes the quality management process. MELAstore requires significantly less sterilization packaging than previous approaches. This saves costs, reduces the level of practice waste and protects the environment. 1. Place the instruments in the wash tray. 4. Sterilize the container in the steam sterilizer....

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The MELAG dental program at a glance - 6

Sterilization The Vacuklav steam sterilizers of the Premium-Class and Pro-Class. The Premium-Class • Record operating times of only 10 minutes for unwrapped instruments and only 17 minutes for wrapped instruments • Up to 9 kg of instruments can be sterilized in a single procedure, with excellent drying results • An extra large colour-touch display for intuitive operation • An integrated LAN interface (RJ 45) and CF card slot • The innovative twin-chamber technology (double-wall chamber!) enables and guarantees the highest level of sterilization safety, the shortest of operating times and...

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The MELAG dental program at a glance - 7

The Premium-Class and MELAstore The load quantity of the MELAstore was increased by 50%. Now even better performance: 9 kg load quantity Up to 4 MELAstore-Boxes 100 (container) can be sterilized in the Vacuklav Premium-Class steam sterilizers in a record time of only c. 30 minutes. Use of the twin-chamber technology enabled an increase of the load quantity from 6 kg to 9 kg with the same water and energy consumption. This makes our Premium-Class steam sterilizers the highest-performing practice steam sterilizers of their class. Also new: the tray mount for 6 large and 2 small trays. This...

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The MELAG dental program at a glance - 8

Cliniclave 45 – Sterilization The ideal solution for large practices and clinics. • Sterilize up to 35 kg of wrapped instruments or 7 kg of textiles in record time • Perfect drying results from integrated twin-chamber technology (double-wall chamber!) • The innovative colour-touch display enables quick and fault-free operation Feedback from the practices which already work with the Cliniclave 45: “The large load volumes and short operating times make an important contribution to improving the efficiency of our practice.” Kirsten (Oral surgical practice Dres. Frey) • Integrated software for...

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The MELAG dental program at a glance - 9

Documentation - load management - approval. Determine the loading of the washer-disinfector and steam sterilizer Settings lot label printing O Prmi labels (or ad load olemenia I Mi- le comaioera (J) Pnni labels lor soioctad load otoniontsr stamo containers (3 P"nl labels without load clement description Label printing and marking the packaging The verdicts of dental practices using MELAtrace: "MELAtrace is a practical and easy to "With its simplified documentation, operate system for the documentation MELAtrace saves time, improves safety and traceability of our instrument treat- and is...

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The MELAG dental program at a glance - 10

Water treatment. For every use If you operate a steam sterilizer 2-3 times a day… then MELAdem 40 is the right option for you. This compact ion exchanger can either be attached to the side of the steam sterilizer or fitted on the wall or the floor unit. The special cartridge key makes the (occasional) cartridge change very easy. If you want to rinse instruments with demineralized water ... MELAdem 40, fitted laterally to the steam sterilizer then the MELAjet spray pistol represents the ideal supplement for the water treatment units MELAdem 40 and MELAdem 53. The adapter for the MELAjet Luer...

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The MELAG dental program at a glance - 11

Versatility in documentation If you want to document the sterilization procedures... then you will not require any additional accessories for Premium-Class steam sterilizers. These steam sterilizers are already equipped with an integrated LAN interface (documentation via the practice network and integrated CF card printer). If documentation is to be conducted via the network, the Pro-Class steam sterilizers are connected to the MELAnet Box. If documentation is to be performed via a CF card, the MELAflash CF card printer can be connected. MELAflash CF card printer If you wish to check the...

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