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MELAseal®100+ A tried and tested concept with new technology The new sealing device MELAseal®100+ is the successor to the practice-tested MELAseal®100. As its predecessor, the MELAseal®100+ is characterized by its high-performance, reliability and simple operation. Safe, easily operated high-performance The packages can be sealed consecutively without pause following a short pre-heating time of app. 2 minutes. A new development is its electronically-controlled optical and acoustic display indication of operation readiness following the warm-up phase. The new electronic ensures the...

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Easy sealing Ergonomically formed reel dispensers enable effortless re-feed of the sterilization packaging (e.g MELAfol®). The integrated cutting unit allows the user to adjust packaging to the size of the instruments and thus individual practice requirements. You can choose between three practical reel dispensers Three reel dispensers are available for the sealing device MELAseal® 100+: The practical reel dispenser “standard” (Order no. 00117) . The space-saving reel dispenser “comfort” (Order no. 00111). The wall-mounted reel dispenser (Order no. 00106). MELAseal® 100+ is also suitable...

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Routine testing The MELAG seal check can be used to perform regular (e.g. weekly) functional checks. The test strip containing the device information, date and name of the responsible person is stored as proof after every successful check. MELAG provides a seal seam stability check to perform the annual function test. Article description MELAG seal check MELAdoc® - label printer for sterilization packaging MELAdoc® completes the document trail from the preparation and clearance of your medical product right up to the use of the instrument in patient treatment. The labels are affixed to the...

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