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MELAseal - 1

The MELAseal® Series Main advantage of MELAG sealing devices: More time for your patients.

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MELAseal - 2

MELAG sealing devices Customer reviews Outstanding quality for efficient workflows. Our priority is your satisfaction: Rely on innovative solutions for instrument decontamination made in Germany. As a strong partner by your side, MELAG guarantees: Experience Specialization since 1951 Trust Over 100.000 satisfied MELAseal® customers Quality Made in Germany Innovation 180 specialized engineers System solution Instrument decontamination from a one-stop provider „The MELAG system solution covers the entire instrument decontamination workflow to guarantee our patients‘ best-possible protection and...

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MELAseal - 3

Unique in price and performance. The tried-and-tested concept of MELAseal® 100+ provides a reliable solution for your packaging process. The sealing device combines performance with functionality: Seal transparent sterilization packaging without pause after a pre-heating time of only four minutes. The integrated electronics of the device monitors the sealing temperature and time. The acoustic and visual signal facilitate the evaluation of the seal seam quality. The individually adjustable thermostat permits the flexible use of versatile sterilization packaging. Compact dimensions take up a...

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MELAseal - 4

Unique in innovation and function. The product highlights: Two integrated USB interfaces for log transfer and computer connection (incl. MELAG 8 GB USB flash drive) MELAseal ® 200 is the most compact validatable sealing device of its class. The compact dimensions and the innovative MELAG concept of the bar sealing device ensure efficient instrument packaging in practice and clinic. The sealing device is ready to use within 90 seconds and allows the successive wrapping of instruments in only 3 seconds without pause. Intuitive MELAG four key concept with display and LED signal for easy...

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MELAseal - 5

Unique in efficiency and safety. MELAseal ® Pro was designed to meet the needs of practices and clinics with an especially high instrument throughput. The validatable rotary sealer guarantees the efficient sealing of transparent sterilization packaging in the shortest possible time. The sealing device is ready to use after a 2-minute pre-heating time, enabling quick and safe instrument sealing without pause. MELAseal ® Pro provides the additional advantage of a segmented seal seam of 14 mm in width. This allows maximum safety during the storage of sterilized instruments and facilitates the...

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MELAseal - 6

Sealing processes at the highest level. Reel dispensers for the MELAseal® series. MELAfol® has been designed to fit all MELAG sealing devices perfectly: The transparent sterilization packaging is sealed reliably and quickly using the pre-set temperature of 180 degrees. MELAfol® complies with the highest demands placed on instrument packaging and storage. The combination of film and paper guarantees tear-proof, crease-resistant and especially germ-impermeable storage. The treatment indicator on the sterilization packaging provides reliable proof of whether the packed instrument has been...

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MELAseal - 7

Routine checks of sealing devices Maximum safety. Minimum costs. The MELAG test procedures perform quick and affordable routine checks of your sealing devices, thereby ensuring legal compliance. Our aligned solutions work precisely to prove the quality and reproducibility of your seal seams. An overview of the tests to be performed on a daily, monthly and annual basis: MELAcontrol Seal Check Peel test Please make sure to carry out the peel test on a daily basis, preferably before starting work: The tested seal seam must be even and complete. Subsequently, check the seal seam manually. To do...

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MELAseal - 8

The MELAG system solution Your one-stop provider for instrument reprocessing. The instrument decontamination process: The MELAG sealing devices constitute an important element of an efficient instrument decontamination workflow. Their perfect alignment with MELAG autoclaves and washer-disinfectors results in even more efficient operating procedures whilst providing the best-possible protection for patients and staff. Take advantage of the benefits of the MELAG system solution with products from the leading manufacturer in practice hygiene: Personal One contact partner for all of your questions...

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MELAseal - 9

Technical data Figures and facts at a glance. Device type Rotary sealing device Documentation interface Electrical connection Power Input Pre-heating time Sealing duration / speed Temperature range Seal seam width Seal seam length Integrated cutting unit System solutions, innovation and quality MELAG was founded in 1951 and is an owner-operated family company, that specializes in products aiming at optimized practice hygiene. The manufacturing and production sites are exclusively located in Germany on a 25.000 m² premises with 450 employees working diligently to maintain MELAG´s world...

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