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MELAtherm® - 1

The innovative MELAG washer-disinfectors MELAtherm® 10 / MELAtherm® 10 Evolution

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MELAtherm® - 2

For an optimized workflow in practice and clinic. Cutting-edge technology for a superior workflow: Cleaning and disinfection with a MELAG washer-disinfector is the safest and most efficient way to ensure reliable instrument decontamination. Benefit from the advantages and protect your patients and team: Efficiency: Reducing your workload and saving time and money Safety: Improving safety by minimizing staff contact with instruments Legal compliance: Logging of the decontamination process ensures reproducibility The product highlights at no extra cost: Active drying Drawer with integrated...

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MELAtherm® - 3

The MELAtherm® 10 product highlights These advantages are unique. Our goal is to provide the highest level of efficiency and safety in instrument decontamination. To this end, 180 engineers in the R&D department work at our Berlin headquarters to develop innovative solutions setting benchmarking standards in infection control. Take advantage of the MELAG washer-disinfectors with the unique product highlights: Active drying Integrated metering module and process agents Practice-optimized washing chamber Instruments must be dry, regardless of whether they are re-used immediately after...

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MELAtherm® - 4

Superior quality and innovative features. Active drying: Active exterior and interior drying protects the instruments against corrosion and damage. MELAtherm® 10 is the solution for fast, safe and above all, cost-effective instrument decontamination. Over 15,000 practices and clinics throughout the world rely on the innovative device concept - join them and take your workflow to a whole new level. With its practice-optimized washing chamber and a wide range of accessories, MELAtherm® 10 permits the cleaning and disinfection of very large quantities of instruments. The subsequent active...

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MELAtherm® - 5

Impressive performance and intuitive operation. The MELAG washer-disinfector of the Evolution Series convinces with new unique innovations in addition to the proven product highlights of MELAtherm® 10. MELAtherm® 10 Evolution provides maximum performance and ease of use for an even more efficient instrument decontamination workflow. Operation and program selection are as easy as never before using the large Smart-Touch Display. Integrated video tutorials covering all relevant issues guarantee a self-explanatory operating concept. MELAtherm® 10 Evolution sets new standards in operation: Its...

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MELAtherm® - 6

Baskets and adapters for all specialties Perfection in the finest detail. The practice-optimized washing chamber of MELAG washer-disinfectors guarantees short operating times, ergonomic work, low consumption of process agents and optimal cleaning outcomes. Benefit from over 80 baskets and adapters to adjust the configuration of the practice-optimized washing chamber to match your needs - regardless of the size and specialization of your practice or clinic. The stackable Flex-baskets and the MELAstore® system represent the best solutions for the decontamination of large quantities of...

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MELAtherm® - 7

Decontamination process using MELAstore® Re-defining decontamination workflows. Are you aiming at improving your workflow even further? Enhance the efficiency and quality of your instrument decontamination process with MELAstore®. Available in various sizes, MELAG wash trays and sterilization containers are perfectly aligned to MELAG washer-disinfectors and autoclaves. Benefit from the unique advantages of MELAstore®-Trays and MELAstore®-Boxes: Saving time: Save up to 30 minutes per decontamination cycle compared to the individual packaging of instruments Environmental protection: Reduce...

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MELAtherm® - 8

Digital tools Aligned solutions for the MELAtherm® 10 Series. Take advantage of our international sales team and of our digital tools on our website to achieve the best-possible workflow in your practice or clinic: The optional accessories ensure even greater efficiency and reliability in instrument decontamination. Choose from MEtherm® process agents, our MELAdem® 53 water treatment unit, the MELAtrace® documentation and approval software, the MELAstore® wash trays and sterilization containers as well as a floor unit to customize and improve your workflow as you need it. MEtherm® process...

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MELAtherm® - 9

Technical data Figures and facts at a glance. MELAG washer-disinfectors are available in the versions 400 Volt (three-phase current, DTA) and 230 Volt (alternating current, DTB). If the installation location permits connection to a 400 Volt supply, we recommend the DTA version due to its significantly shorter operating times. MELAtherm® 10 * All programs plus active drying, which the user can interrupt at any time. 59,8 × 81,8 (83,6**) × 67,8 cm fits under a 60 cm worktop Device dimensions (W × H × D) with floor unit Weight with floor unit Electrical connection DTB Power input DTB...

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