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The Premium-Evolution series - 1

The Premium-Class Evolution The benchmark for steam sterilizers MELAconnect App and video tutorials

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The Premium-Evolution series - 2

The Evolution series The best made even better! MELAG‘s decades of experience in the field of practice and large autoclaves has allowed the development of particularly innovative and energy-efficient steam sterilizers. The Premium-Class Evolution series provides unique advantages for those looking to realize the most‚ time and cost-effective workflow. A MELAG patent since 2007: The Evolution series has high-quality, double-walled sterilization chambers, as are also used in large steam sterilizers for hospitals. This patented double-jacket technology supports rapid removal of air from the...

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The Premium-Evolution series - 3

The benchmark for steam sterilizers 1. Save time and energy Besides the typical MELAG features such as record operating times, intuitive operating concept, integrated documentation and approval, the steam sterilizers of the Evolution series offer a range of unique innovations, which can only be developed in this perfection by a specialist for infection control and instrument decontamination. The patented DRYtelligence® technology is a unique innovation from MELAG: This intelligent drying technology is based on a sensor-controlled drying function. A specially developed algorithm allows the...

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The Premium-Evolution series - 4

Up to 4 MELAstore® Box 100 can be sterilized in the Evolution series in a record time of just 30 minutes. This is an absolute record operating time. With the button on the front of the device, the Evolution series is put into sleep mode with just one push and are reactivated just as quickly. Therefore the power consumption, which is already low, can be reduced even further. 1. Save time and energy The rapid re-availability of safely sterilized instruments and the re-use of consistently well-dried instruments is of particular importance in practices and clinics. The patented double-jacket...

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The Premium-Evolution series - 5

Additional device features that simplify your work It is often the small tools that facilitate everyday work. The diverse options of the Evolution series helps to make work processes simpler, safer and more comfortable. Start time preselection Conductivity measurement The start time preselection makes it possible to choose any program and to start at any chosen time, such as for routine test programs. To protect your valuable instruments, all steam sterilizers are not only fitted with especially powerful temperature sensors, but also with an integrated water quality measurement method,...

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The Premium-Evolution series - 6

Diversity in four models The MELAG system solution Since practices and clinics have different requirements for operating steam sterilizers, our Evolution series is available in four designs. The designs differ in the type of vacuum generation, water intake and chamber depth. The use of ideally compatible products from our system solution saves time and costs right from the beginning due to a better workflow of the instrument decontamination process. Another practical benefit of the system solution is especially in the saving of service costs. If the steam sterilizer, the washer-disinfector,...

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The Premium-Evolution series - 7

Technical data Figures and facts at a glance Program cycle times Universal Program Holding time 5.5 min Quick-Program B* Holding time 5.5 min Quick-Program S** Holding time 3.5 min Gentle-Program Holding time 20.5 min Prion-Program Holding time 20.5 min Vacuklav® 40 B+ Evolution up to 6 kg instruments Drying time If needed, additional drying can be enabled for larger loads of up to 9 kg. All times in minutes, depending on the load, power supply and water supply * max. 1.5 kg wrapped or 6 kg and 7 kg unwrapped | ** unwrapped Chamber size Load quantity 46 cm x 50 cm x 55 cm Height incl....

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