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Pro-Class - 1

kplus in quality: Vacuklav®+

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Pro-Class - 2

THE SUCCESS OF A FAMILY-LED COMPANY As an owner-run and operated family concern founded in 1951, we have a long history of successful specialization in hygiene products for practice-based use. As a medium-sized company, it is this specialization that enables our 100 person-strong expert development team to maintain and develop our product range so as to extend our position as an international market-leader. Our focus on quality and the highest standards of operational reliability has established MELAG as the world’s leading manufacturer in the area instrument treatment and hygiene, selling...

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Pro-Class - 3


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Pro-Class - 4

MORETIMEFORPATIENTS Only practices which relieve their medical assistance staff from unnecessary tasks can save personnel costs. The goal is to avoid unnecessary waiting or work time in the preparation and sterilization process, so that there‘s more time for the patients. In developing the Pro Class, our engineers therefore paid special attention to short operating times and simple operation of the autoclaves. After activating the mains switch, all programs can be selected with the program key. The desired program is then started by pressing the Start/Stop key. The entire sterilization...

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Pro-Class - 5

Two systems 1. “Stand-alone” devices Vacuklav® 31 B+ and Vacuklav® 23 B+ These units feature an integrated water storage tank and a patented air cooling system. They work with the extremely high-performance membrane pump technology which has proven its worth for decades. As a result of continued development work, the Vacuklav® 31 B+ and Vacuklav® 23 B+ represent two extremely high-performance autoclaves whose design simultaneously features the particularly economical use of resources. Both autoclaves require practically no installation work in your practice whatsoever, and can be operated...

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Pro-Class - 6

QUICKINNOVATIVEFLEXIBLE Automate! The practice-friendly system: Automatic feed water supply with MELAdem®40 / MELAdem®47. All Vacuklav autoclaves can be automated by connecting the feed water supply with demineralized water to a water treatment unit. The used water is also disposed of automatically if the autoclave is connected to a drain. The measuring of the water quality integrated in the autoclave ensures that only water of the best quality for sterilization is fed into the system, thus protecting the autoclave and the valuable instruments. We recommend: MELAdem®40: for small water...

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Pro-Class - 7

The design – functional and attractive Not only the performance and production quality of the Pro Class underline MELAG’s dominant position, their design makes these devices visually top class. Operating the autoclaves should be both pleasurable and safe. The design fully supports this demand. It shows what’s essential, and does its work efficiently. The large door lock is not only a design feature, but also ensures a safe and easy opening and closing of the door. The large integrated funnel-shaped opening of the water storage tank makes it easy to fill the tank with demineralized or...

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Pro-Class - 8

The optimum use of the sterilization compartment – you have the choice The autoclaves are always delivered with a mounting for trays or cassettes, included in the price. The delivery contains Mount >A< (for 5 trays or 3 standard tray cassettes) by default. Please indicate in your order if you would alternatively at no extra charge prefer Mount >B< for 4 standard tray cassettes or Mount >D< for two high cassettes e.g. implant cassettes or container systems. foil holder Mount >A< for 5 trays Mount >A< (rotated) for 3 standard tray cassettes Mount >B< for 4 standard tray cassettes (or for 4...

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Pro-Class - 9

DOCUMENTATIONANDBATCHCONTROL The documentation with the Pro Class autoclaves as a proof for an effective and safe sterilization can be very easily and comfortably be done by the operator. This approach secures evidence in case of presumed infection in the dental and medical practice. In the context of public health department checks or medical practice inspections, proper documentation and batch control are also considered important criteria for the „release“ of instruments by the medical assistant after sterilization. Batch control with MELAcontrol® The EN 867-5:2001 and EN 13060 define...

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Pro-Class - 10

Why a „class B“ autoclave? The European workgroup appointed by the EU Commission has passed the European Standard EN 13060 in the course of the harmonization of different national sterilization standards. The standard divides autoclaves into the classes „B“, „S“ and „N“. „Class B“ is the highest class conforming to the most stringent demands and therefore can be unrestrictedly used for the sterilization of all possible loads used in medical practices (also with hollow bodied instruments, handpieces and turbines) and for all kinds of sterilization packaging. A“class B“ autoclave must in any...

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Pro-Class - 11

PROGRAMSANDTIMES All autoclaves of the Pro Class offer five sterilization programs and two test programs. The test programs can check and document the function of the autoclave in the dental and medical practice at any time. After selecting and starting the desired program, the modern microprocessor controls and monitors the entire process automatically. Programs: Universal-Program wrapped, 134°C, hold time: 5.5 Min. instruments wrapped/ unwrapped, 134°C hold time: 3.5 Min. instruments wrapped/ unwrapped, 134°C hold time: 3.5 Min.. wrapped, 121°C hold time: 20.5 Min. wrapped, 134°C hold...

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Pro-Class - 12

MELAG medical technology Geneststraße 6 - 10 D-10829 Berlin; Germany Further information about our products and prevailing standards, laws and directives as well as current questions can be found at:

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