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Aquinity² E35/70 Produces Pure Water & Ultra pure Water

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Aquinity² E35/70 - 3

The Aquinity2 E35/70 system is designed for the production of pure water (< 0.2 pS/cm) and ultra pure water (0.055 pS/cm) out of tap water.

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Aquinity² E35/70 - 4

The Aquinity² E35/70 system is equipped with reverse osmosis and EDI cell to produce deionised water (DI water) into the external storage reservoir (35 L or 70 L) with a production rate of 10 L/h and an access to tap DI water directly. Out of the storage tank the ultra pure water is produced by passing further mixed bed cartridges and then can be tapped with a flexible dispenser. During non-use automatic recirculation within the Aquinity² system ensures a permanent high quality of ultra pure water. All components of the Aquinity² are assembled in an especially designed housing. The system...

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Aquinity² E35/70 - 5

Scheme shows Flowchart of Aquinity² E 35/70 Life Science TI . Storage Tank Final Filter purge before tapping water Tap Water

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Aquinity² E35/70 - 6

Technical Specifications * with Life Science model

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Aquinity² E35/70 - 8

Configurations Aquinity2 E35/70 is available in different configurations to fit the specific requirements of pure and ultra pure water quality for different applications.

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Aquinity² E35/70 - 9

Options wall mounted configuration To save valuable benchtop space the system can be ordered as wall mounted configuration.The whole system can me mounted on the wall with inclined display. volumetric dispensing TOC monitoring (TI version) The TOC monitoring during production and intermittent measurements during non-use periods allows to check the organic content in water continously between 1 and 999 ppb. bench integrated (BI version) To save valuable benchtop space the Astacus² can be ordered as BI configuration. The system will be installed underneath the work bench and only the display and...

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Aquinity² E35/70 - 10

Warning of customer in case of over limit and service case

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Aquinity² E35/70 - 11

* 190-0082 Final Filter to reduce Endotoxin, DNA + RNAse

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Made in Germany, Your trusted partner for 30 years

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