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miniTOC online/offline control for pure and ultra pure water

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The miniTOC system is designed for total organic carbon (TOC) online/offline monitoring of pure and ultra pure water. The miniTOC monitoring device uses the high speed flow through concept and the efficient „direct surface“ UV oxidation. In combination with conductivity detection the miniTOC guarantees a fast monitoring of values. By measuring the conductivity before and after the UV oxidation the TOC value can be cal

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peristaltic pump Input 1 Input 2 Input 3 μS/cm conductivity sensor 1

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Technical Specifications method & detection 2 sec (online mode) | 1 min + 5 min purging (offline mode) measurement range detection accuracy 1 for sample, 1 for SST (basic) | 1 for sample, 3 for SST (pro) related norms ambient parameters relative humidity: 10 to 95 %, temperature: 10 to 45 °C interface ports analog (0 - 20 mA), according to Namur NE43 dimensions, weight, power

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Sample Requirements pure to ultra pure water sample input conductivity < 2 µS/cm (upgradable to < 10 µS/cm) inlet pressure < 0.5 bar (otherwise pressure reducer is needed), optional 0.25 bar sample temperature

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Options configuration miniTOC pro The miniTOC can be ordered as configuration with 4 inputs. This and an additional software upgrade option allows the user to measure up to 3 loops sequentially and configure the duration of the intervall. check of sample flow Initiates alarm in case of inlet flow is zero in combination with pressure sensor. heat exchanger If the medium temperature is higher than 50 °C a heat e xc h a n g e r i s re q u i re d . Software with 21 CFR par t11 conformity for pharma applications. pressure regulator If the medium pressure is higher than 1 bar a pressure transducer is...

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Consumables Description tube for peristaltic pump calibration solution for miniTOC, USP traceable documents for IQ/OQ/PQ (CFR conform) septa for vials for autosampler

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Made in Germany, Your trusted partner for 30 years

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