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OptiLab² & OptiPrep² - 1

OptiPrep² & OptiLab² Ultra Pure Water systems with High output of 8 L/min

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OptiLab² & OptiPrep² - 3

The series of OptiLab² and OptiPrep² are designed for the production of 5 L/min or 8 L/min of pyrogenand nuclease-free ultra pure water out of pretreated water by reversed osmosis or EDI².

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OptiLab² & OptiPrep² - 4

The ultra pure water is produced with a combination of prefilters, mixed bed filter and scavenger cartridge. If water is not used, automatic recirculation within the system ensures a permanent high quality of ultra pure water. All components of the OptiLab²/OptiPrep² series are assembled in an industrial design for easy access. The µS - control checks the conductivity of feed water to protect the cartridges against inappropriate feed water (black line). If conductivity is too high the water flow will be rej

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OptiLab² & OptiPrep² - 5

Scavenger filter rejected in case of poor feed water Tap of ultra pure water purge before tapping water Pump Scheme shows flowchart of OptiPrep² Life Science TI.

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OptiLab² & OptiPrep² - 6

Technical Specifications ultra pure water quality total organic carbon (TOC)* < 10 ppb Reagent | < 5 ppb Life Science | < 3 ppb Analytical productivity rate < 0.001 EU/mL** * feeded with EDI water quality **with Life Science model dimensions, weight, power: OptiLab² : 780 x 280 x 872 mm, approx. 50 kg, 110 V - 230 V OptiPrep² : 1250 x 250 x 850 mm, approx 70 kg, 110

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OptiLab² & OptiPrep² - 7

Feed Water Requirements OptiLab² / OptiPrep² type of feed water reverse osmosis (RO) water or deionized (DI) water feed water conductivity inlet pressure total organic carbon (TOC)

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OptiLab² & OptiPrep² - 8

Configurations The setups of OptiLab² and OptiPrep²are available in different configurations to fit the specific requirements of ultra pure water quality for different applications. Life Science

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OptiLab² & OptiPrep² - 9

external dispenser memTap HF „High Flow“ Our dispenser allows the volumetric c o n t ro l l e d d i s p e n s i n g o f w a t e r w i t h a n increment of 0.1 L and a tap volume from 0.1 to 99 L and a dispensing rate of 8 L/min. The system prevents overflow of containers and allows to dispense water without supervising. prefilter filter with activated c a r b o n to a d s o r b organic contaminants in ultra pur

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OptiLab² & OptiPrep² - 10

User Interface & Software Currently recorded data and warning messages will be displayed on the touch screen monitor. The software furthermore supports the user with a self-diagnostic module which reduced service time and costs. Helping tools to maintain system Main Screen: The Software allows the user to see all information to use maintenance tool and track back historical values up to 1 year. Trackable values up to 1 year Warning of customer in case of over limit and service case

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OptiLab² & OptiPrep² - 11

Consumables Description prefilter OptiLab² / OptiPrep² mixed bed cartridge OptiLab² / OptiPrep² UV lamp OptiLab² / OptiPrep² scavenger module OptiLab² / OptiPrep² activated carbon for OptiPrep² endfilter OptiLab² / OptiPrep² endfilter memTa

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OptiLab² & OptiPrep² - 12

Made in Germany, Your trusted partner for 30 years info@membrapure.de www.membrapure.de

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