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Because small things matter most

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Small things matter most Temperature control appliances for the pharmaceutical industry and life sciences 100% ATMOSAFE. MADE IN GERMANY. |

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Partner of industry and research Some like it quiet. Protein crystals, for example. In a Memmert Peltiercooled incubator, they can grow at absolutely constant temperatures at almost no vibrations. Everybody asks for reliability. So does the staff of the stability department, who can rely on the fact that no alarm signal will interrupt their wellearned leisure time. Stability samples can be stored in a Memmert climate chamber at unparalleled homogenous temperature and humidity for many years. Safety at all times. A biochemist who cultivates especially sensitive cells needs a CO2 incubator...

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MEMMERT PR ODUC T S F OR T HE PHAR MAC EUT I C AL I NDUS T RY AND L I FE S C I E N C E S CO2 incubator Cell biology Incubator Microbiology CO2 incubator Cultivation in vitro fertilisation and biosynthesis Steriliser Microbiology Climate chamber Microbiology Cooled incubator Microbiology, structural biology and stability Temperature test chamber Stability Drying oven Sample preparation and production Constant climate chamber Stability Waterbath Microbiology Climatic test chamber Stability Paraffin oven Warming Humidity chamber Stability Cooled storage incubator Incubating in...

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ice al Dev Medic 197 0 d IVF an sis nthe Biosy CO2 INCUBATOR ICOmed 56 | 107 | 156 | 241 litres +18 °C to +50 °C Humidity 40 - 97 % rh (optional) O2: 1 – 20 % (optional) Safety at all times. The operating display, logging and CO2 control of the CO2 incubator ICOmed stay functional when there is a power failure thanks to the battery-buffered ControlCOCKPIT. The fine-tuned control guarantees that the set point temperature is reached without tempe rature overshoots. Rounded corners allow for easy cleaning of the interior, which can also be sterilised together with all installations and sensors...

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STABILITY/ CELL biology/ MICROBIOLOGY / STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY 5 STABILITY/ CELL biology/ MICROBIOLOGY / STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY 5 COMPRESSOR-COOLED INCUBATOR ICPeco 256 | 449 | 749 litres -12 °C to +60 °C This environmentally-friendly compressor-cooled incubator is cooled with climate-neutral CO2. Thanks to the excellent thermodynamic properties of the CO2 refrigerant (R744) and the finely adjusted control technology, this cooled incubator is both powerful and efficient. If a large number of samples have to be permanently incubated, you can rely on the maximum utilisation of the chamber. Without...

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6 STABILITY CELL BIOLOGY/ MICROBIOLOGY/ STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY 6 STABILITY CELL BIOLOGY/ MICROBIOLOGY/ STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY PELTIER-COOLED INCUBATORIPP 32 | 53 | 108 | 256 l 384 | 749 l 1060 litres 0 °C to +70 °C Excellent controllability, extremely small control fluctuations, low-vibration operation and impressive energy savings provide the added value from the Peltier technology in the Memmert cooled incubators of the IPP series. In modern food analytics, cosmetics research, cell biology, immunology, pharmacology, bioanalytics or biotechnology, tests and processes must be repeatable and...

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Application ICH: Stability testing of hemp flowers Swiss Ai Fame GmbH has succeeded to, for the first time in the world, make the active substances of the cannabis plant water-soluble, and thus more readily processable. Leaves, buds, pollen and seeds of the indoor-cultivated cannabis plants are sold for the production of liqueur or as a stock for pest control in the agricultural sector. GMP was already introduced in the company in 2010, paving the way for the pharmaceutical approval of active substances. The aim for the future is to extract various pharmaceutical ingredients from the flower...

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We know how: Saving energy in the laboratory CONSTANT CLIMATE CHAMBER HPP 108 | 256 | 384 | 749 | 1060 | 1360 litres 0 °C to +70 °C (HPP110 to HPP1060) +15 °C to +60 °C (HPP1400) Humidity 10 to 90 % rh (HPP110 to HPP1060) 10 to 80 % rh (HPP1400) Climate chambers must work reliably for years without interruption. fter all, nobody con A cerned with stability testing wants to receive an emergency call in their well-earned leisure time because there has been an alarm. The Peltier technology applied in the Memmert constant climate chamber HPP not only makes it possible to precisely control the...

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Application HPP: Breeding zebra fish With the help of zebra fish, the University of Gent does research on genetic causes of diseases of the cardiovascular system such as the arterial tortuosity syndrome, a genetic disease of the connective tissue characterised by torsion and elongation of the arteries. It can lead to severe constrictions of the blood vessels, aneurysms or hyperextensible skin and joints. Apart from that, their research focuses on genetic dysfunctions in connection with the formation of bones and tissue. To develop perfectly, zebra fish need as much peace and quiet as...

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10 SAMPLE PREPARATION / SAMPLE STORAGE / PRODUCTION 10 SAMPLE PREPARATION / SAMPLE STORAGE / PRODUCTION Application VO: Drying of powder and granulate If vacuum ovens are applied to dry large amounts of powder and granulate, the occurring volume expansion of the heated atmosphere in the interior sets a physically defined end to the capability of the vacuum pump to transfer humidity. The result: Heat transfer and steam removal come out of balance and the samples dry extremely slow or even simmer in their own juice. POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS Determination of dry content/humidity content acc. to...

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SAMPLE PREPARATION / SAMPLE STORAGE/ PRODUCTION 11 COOLED VACUUM OVEN VOcool Customisation department: Memmert myAtmoSAFE meets any specific customer demand The customisation department adapts standard appliances to special needs. Their solutions are economic as well as technologically advanced and customers profit from the full guarantee period. Some customer-specific development projects, like the cooled vacuum oven VOcool or the climate chamber for keeping mice HPPlife even made their way into the standard product range. If users want to make sure they chose the right appliance offering...

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