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ICHeco and ICPeco with climate-neutral refrigerant CO2 More environmentally-friendly and more powerful: The climate chamber ICHeco and the compressor-cooled incubator ICPeco work with climate-neutral CO2 as refrigerant (R744). KEEP COOL. WE CARE According to the EU regulation on fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-Gas Regulation), new commercial refrigerators with a GWP* of more than 150 may no longer be sold in the EU from 1 January 2022. Memmert reacted early for several reasons: the new eco-appliances have a positive impact on the environmental balance of ecologically thinking companies, are virtually maintenance-free and score with improved cooling capacity. The advantages of the Memmert cooling system with CO2 cooling: • Climate-neutral refrigerant with a GWP* value of 1 Environmentally-friendly: Refrigerant R744 is chlorine-free, is neither flammable nor toxic, does not need to be disposed of or recycled, and requires far less energy during manufacture Faster cooling thanks to better cooling capacity Virtually maintenance-free *The GWP value (Global Warming Potential) is used to compare the effects of substances on the warming of air layers near the ground and thus on the greenhouse effect. The refrigerant used in Memmert ICHeco/ICPeco appliances with the abbreviation R744 and the chemical molecular formula CO 2 has a GWP value of 1 and is therefore practically climate

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Refrigerant CO2 ensures better cooling performance Average time to change temperature ICHeco/ICH 1,6 1,4 Memmert eco-appliances with CO2 cooling are virtually maintenance-free and extremely powerful. Compared to appliances with refrigerant R134a, they score with faster temperature change rates during cooling. On average 20 % faster temperature change rates with a CO2-cooled compressor (measurement Memmert ICH750eco at ambient temperature +22 °C according to IEC 60068-3-5) All-round protection of samples In both appliances, the proven Memmert air jacket temperature control system ensures...

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