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Manufacturer and customer service Memmert GmbH + Co. KG Willi Memmert Straße 90-96 D-91186 Büchenbach Deutschland Phone: +49 (0)9122 925-0 Fax: +49 (0)9122 14585 E-mail: sales@memmert.com Internet: www.memmert.com Customer service: Service hotline: +49 (0)9171 9792 911 Service fax: +49 (0)9171 9792 979 E-mail: service@memmert.com When contacting customer service, always quote the product serial number on the nameplate (see page 13). Shipping address for repairs: Memmert GmbH + Co. KG Kundenservice Willi-Memmert-Str. 90-96 DE-91186 Büchenbach Germany Please contact our customer service...

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About this manual About this manual Purpose and target group This manual describes the assembly, function, transport and operation of constant climate chambers HPP and cooled incubators IPPPLUS. It is intended for use by trained personnel of the owner, who have the task of operating and/or maintaining the respective appliance. If you are asked to work on the appliance, read this manual carefully before starting. Familiarise yourself with the safety regulations. Only perform work that is described in this manual. If there is something you do not understand, or certain information is missing,...

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Delivery, transport and setting up Putting into operation Malfunctions, warning and error messages

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1.1 Terms and signs used In this manual and on the appliance itself, certain common terms and signs are used to warn you of possible dangers or to give you hints that are important in avoiding injury or damage. Observe and follow these hints and regulations to avoid accidents and damage. These terms and signs are explained below. 1.1.1 Terms used "Warning" is used whenever you or somebody else could be injured if you do not observe the accompanying safety regulation. is used for information that is important for avoiding damage. 1.1.2 Signs used Warning signs (warning of a danger) Dangerous...

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1.2 Product safety and dangers The appliances described in this manual are technically sophisticated, manufactured using high-quality materials and subject to many hours of testing in the factory. They contain the latest technology and comply with recognised technical safety regulations. However, there are still risks involved, even when the appliances are used as intended. These are described below. Warning! After removing covers, live parts may be exposed. You may receive an electric shock if you touch these parts. Disconnect the mains plug before removing any covers. Only electrical...

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► has to ensure that the appliance and its surroundings are kept clean and tidy, for example through corresponding instructions and inspections; ► is responsible for ensuring that personal protective clothing is worn by operating personnel, e.g. work clothes, safety shoes and protective gloves. 1.5 Intended use Constant climate chambers HPP and cooled incubators IPPPLUS may be used exclusively for temperature and climate testing of materials and substances in the context of the procedures and specifications described in this manual. Any other use is improper, and may result in hazards and...

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1 ControlCOCKPIT with capacitive function 5 Working chamber keys (see page 26) 6 Nameplate (see page 13) 2 On/Off switch (see page 23) 7 Door handle (see page 24) 3 Working chamber fans 8 Turn control with confirmation key 4 Steel grid 9 USB interface (see page 12)

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2.2 Description The appliance can heat the working chamber up to 70 ºC and cool it down to 5 ºC. Lownoise, long-life and energy-saving Peltier cooling and heating technology is used for this. In heating operation, a part of the required energy is extracted from the surroundings (heat pump principle). Additionally, the humidity in the interior of constant climate chambers HPP can be regulated between 10 and 90 % rh (rh = relative humidity). The humidity is increased by water from a tank being evaporated and fed into the interior, and is reduced through condensation on a Peltier module....

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Range A: In this range, temperature and humidity can be combined as you please, without resulting in any significant condensation. If there are extreme ambient conditions, the working range may be restricted. Range B: If the specified range is exceeded upwards, e.g. 80 % rh at 60°C, the hot steam fed in will immediately condense, due to the dew-point, at the coldest point in the appliance. Range C: At low temperatures and low relative air humidity, the effective range is heavily dependent on the degree of humidity of the chamber load. 2.4 Material For the outer housing, MEMMERT deploys...

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2.6.2 Communication interfaces The interfaces are intended for appliances which meet the requirements of IEC 60950-1. USB interface The appliance is fitted by default with a USB interface in accordance with the USB specification. This way, you can ► transfer software stored on a USB storage medium to the appliance (see page 55). ► export protocol logs from the appliance to a USB storage medium (see page Fig. 4 USB interface 57). ► transfer user ID data stored on a USB storage medium to the appliance (see page 58). The USB port can be found on the right side of the ControlCOCKPIT (Fig. 4)....

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The nameplate (Fig. 6) provides information about the appliance model, manufacturer and technical data. It is attached to the front of the appliance, on the right behind the door (see memmfipl- GmbH+Co.KG D-91126 Schwabach FRG 9 Connection I power ratings

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Appliance size Depth of door lock [mm] 56 Appliance depth F1 (including door handle) [mm] 580 660 730 830 930 Working chamber depth C [mml 250 330 400 500 600 max. number of sliding shelves 3 4 5 9 14 max. load per sliding shelve [kg] 30 Humidity (HPP only) Adjustment range - 10 ... 90 % rh 2 The minimum temperature depends on the outside temperature (see ambient conditions on page 15). If the interior is illuminated, the temperature range is further restricted. Tern perature

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