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Constant climate chamber HPP Energy efficient with Peltier technology Model sizes: 110, 260, 400 NEW, 750, 1060 NEW, 1400 NEW, 2200 NEW Setting temperature range*: up to +70 °C (HPP110 – 1060) | up to +60 °C (HPP1400/HPP2200) Setting range humidity*: 10 to 90 % rh (HPP110 – 1060) | 10 to 80 % rh (HPP1400/HPP2200) Since 2000, the Peltier pioneer Memmert has continuously kept on improving its high-precision Peltier heating and cooling concept. This extremely sensitive temperature control ensures that processes are reliable and stable on the long term and can be reproduced under exactly defined conditions. In the XXL sizes HPP1060, HPP1400 and HPP2200, the temperature and humidity in the entire interior stay stable and are uniformly distributed even at full load thanks to the HeatBALANCE function. The highlights of the constant climate chamber HPP • Chamber volume of 108 to 2140 litres: with a total of seven models, Memmert has the world’s largest range of constant climate chambers with Peltier technology • Energy-saving Peltier heating/cooling system (without refrigerant) • Low-noise and almost vibration-free operation • Digitally controlled active humidification and dehumidification even at high ambient temperatures • LED light module in two alternative colour temperatures (HPP110 – HPP750) • AtmoCONTROL software to log the appliance parameters (in compliance with the FDA as option)

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ENERGY SAVING, LONG-TERM STABILITY AND MAINTENANCE FREE Main fields of application The most common applications of Memmert HPP appliances are stability testing in accordance with ICH, GMP or IFSCC in the pharmacology, cosmetics and food industry as well as climate-controlled storage and conditioning. Thanks to its smooth and quiet operation, the constant climate chamber is also perfect for growing protein crystals and plants as well as for breeding insects or zebrafish and for keeping mice. The optional, innovative LED lighting guarantees natural growth conditions. Reducing operating costs...

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