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Constant climate chamber for keeping mice Temperature setting range: 0 °C to +35 °C | Humidity setting range: 10 % rh to 90 % rh Working range with illumination: +5 °C to +35 °C | Chamber volume: 749 litres | Compressed air dehumidification Humans and animals are highly adaptable. A healthy body adjusts to changing environmental conditions and sources of food without any problems. At the Institute for Molecular Nutritional Medicine of the Technical University of Munich, the question as to why the energy balance in some mammals gets into difficulties, subsequently leading to being overweight or underweight, or to diabetes type II, is being examined on the model organism of the mouse. The mice are kept under controlled conditions, in two Memmert constant climate chambers specially adapted for their keeping. • Efficient dehumidification of the chamber by means of compressed air for safe and stable humidity values in compliance with GV Solas guidelines • Air exchange rate (max. 38 times per hour) can be controlled by adjusting the speed of the exhaust air motor • Programme controlled LED light strips (on 2 levels), adjustable in steps of 1 % (5,500 K cold white or 2,700 K warm white); adjustment angle 45 ° • Developed in cooperation with the Institute for Molecular Nutritional Medicine of the Technical University of Munich headed by Prof. Dr. K

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HPPlife – CONSTANT CLIMATE CHAMBER FOR KEEPING MICE Controlled air exchange and controlled humidity even at low temperatures thanks to compressed air dehumidification In a clean room, various types of mice are kept at +30 °C as well as at +5 °C and 55 to 60 % relative humidity in two Memmert constant climate chambers HPP 750 in a “specific pathogen free” (SPF) state. In order to guarantee the recommended humidity of between 45 and 65 % rh for the humane keeping of mice even at low temperatures, Memmert integrated a compressed air drying unit. For simulation of the day and night rhythm, the...

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