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IVF module for INCOmed

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IVF module for INCOmed CO2 incubator for in vitro fertilisation Temperature setting range: +20 °C to +50 °C | CO2 concentration up to 10 % Chamber volume: 108 litres | Humidity setting range: 40 to 97 % rh | O2 concentration 1 to 20 % ice al Dev Medic 0197 d IVF an esis nth Biosy When it comes to in vitro fertilisation, efficient processes are very important not only from an economical perspective. The higher the clinical success rates, the higher the number of satisfied customers, and that in turn affects the reputa­ tion and the image of the IVF clinic. In close cooperation with IVF specialists Memmert has developed an IVF module for the CO2 incubator INCOmed which fulfils all crucial conditions for embryo culture, especially controlled CO2 and O2 concentration as well as constant and high humidity. In order to keep the reco­ v ery ­­­ times to a minimum, the Petri dishes are cultivated in separate slide-in units. • Certified as a class IIa medical device for in vitro fertilisation and biosynthesis: every Memmert CO2 incubator INCOmed complies with the basic safety requirements as stipulated in the European Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC) • Active humidification and dehumidification: minimal vaporisation in the chamber interior, no condensation, cultivation without oil overlay possible • Only one slide-in unit at a time can be opened: quick recovery times due to minimal air exchange • Easy, low-vibration and safe opening: slide-in units are pulled out to the front and have a p

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IVF module for INCOmed the perfect solution for in vitro fertilisation Controlled humidity thanks to active humidification and dehumidification In common CO2 incubators and in special IVF incubators, vaporisation and condensation are a major problem. The patented Memmert IVF module is used in a Memmert CO2 incubator INCOmed. This ensures that the CO2 content, O2 content and humidity in the chamber interior can be controlled with absolute precision. The active humidification and dehumidification in p ­ articular keeps vaporisation to a minimum so that cultivation under oil is not required in...

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