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Unmatched quietness (Almost) without vibrations and noise Almost without vibrations and extremely quiet, the Peltier technology in Memmert appliances heats up and cools down seamlessly in one system. Particularly for applications like growing protein crystals, breeding insects, zebra fish and mice, the fact that no loud and unsmooth compressor is required is an invaluable advantage. Of course employees also profit from the pleasant peace and quiet in the laboratory independent of the application, so that, without distraction, they can concentrate on what is essential: their work.

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Unmatched value Best price / performance ratio Not only are Memmert Peltier devices extremely economic in terms of operating costs, they also convince with their acquisition costs. For many applications, climate chambers with complex compressor technology are out of scale. Especially for stability testing at constant temperatures above zero or for cultivation around room temperature, Memmert constant climate chambers or cooled incubators based on Peltier technology offer an excellent price / performance ratio. Constant climate chamber HPP with light module

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Unmatched versatility Applications from A to Z Incubation, storage as well as climate control with Peltier-cooled incubators and constant climate chambers. The universally applicable energy savers are used in microbiology, cell culture, food analysis or the electronics industry just the same as for stability testing of food and pharmaceutical products as well as building materials testing. In addition, our customisation department has already developed different customised models in cooperation with industry experts, such as an appliance testing the melting behaviour of ice cream. In case...

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Unmatched durability While providing unmatched reliability The classic Memmert ovens’ durability is legendary. All around the globe, some of them have been in use for decades without failure or any loss in quality. But how are things with the comparably young Peltier technology? We set out on a search and discovered a cooled incubator IPP of the first Peltier generation. Delivered in 2000 to Frozen Fish in Bremerhaven, Germany, the microbiology department is still profit­ ing from its reliability and precision. “The cooled incubator IPP from the first generation runs 365 days a year. We...

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Unmatched precision Peltier is wonderfully versatile A Peltier element in a Memmert Peltier-cooled incubator or a Peltier constant climate chamber is switched up to 18,000 times a second, thus enabling extremely sensitive temperature control. The extremely small control fluctuations ensure that tests and processes are repeatable and documentable under precisely defined conditions. Failure free and for many years.

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Unmatched economical Reducing energy consumption by up to 90 % A reduction of energy consumption by up to 90 % in running operation is no rarity. A Memmert Peltier appliance hardly emits any heat to the environment. In practice, this fact has two major advantages: Neither does the appliance need energy-intensive cooling to compensate high temperatures in the laboratory in order to prevent failure, nor is the room’s AC required. Another plus for operating costs: A Peltier appliance does not need any refrigerant which needs to be replaced regularly. Even though modern refrigerants are as...

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Unmatched sophistication Nobody does “Peltier” better than we do With its cooled incubator IPP, Memmert introduced the first Peltier appliance in 2000. It achieved performance values which until then seemed impossible with the Peltier elements available at that time. The Peltier era had begun. Today, different Peltier appliances are available on the market. However, the outstanding properties of the Memmert product range remain unmatched: Maximum energy efficiency and precision, short heating up times, as well as recovery times after opening the doors, durability and this all while being...

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Unmatched scope The Memmert Peltier product range • Peltier-cooled incubator IPP and IPPplus 32 to 749 litres, 0 °C to +70 °C • Constant climate chamber HPP 108 to 749 litres, 0 °C to +70 °C Humidity 10 to 90 % rh • Storage cooled incubator IPS 256 and 749 litres, +14 °C to +45 °C • Cooled vacuum oven VOcool 29 and 49 litres, +5 °C to +90 °C 10 to 1100 mbar • Waterbath Peltier cooling unit CDP 115 Extended temperature range of the Memmert waterbaths from +10° C to 95° C “Our Peltier-cooled incubator IPP bought in 2000 is in continuous use in the sugar season. In all this time, no repairs...

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Unmatched innovation What is it that makes Peltier technology so unique? The principle of thermoelectricity, with electric voltage being converted into heat, has been known since the 19th century. Nonetheless, making effective use of the electrical energy involved to the present day remains a big challenge for any engineer. Memmert is the only manufacturer succeeding at the same time in efficiently heating and cooling large chamber volumes of up to 749 litres with a combined heating / cooling concept – without using a conventional heating. Temperature uniformity [+/- K] Temperature...

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Unmatched environmental friendliness Peltier technology facilitates environmental certification For companies aiming for environmental certification, Memmert Peltier appliances are a climate-friendly alternative. In contrast to compressor technology, Peltier technology only requires energy when heating or cooling. For this reason, it is particularly economical close to ambient temperature. In heating operation, the Peltier system removes thermal energy from the ambient air and introduces it into the chamber operating as heat pump. This way, up to a third of the heat energy required is...

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