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Safety through experience

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Nothing but the best Temperature control appliances for the industry A utomotive - Electronics - Plastics - Metal 100% ATMOSAFE. MADE IN GERMANY. |

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Quality. Reliability. Precision. Down to the tiniest detail. Just imagine that your highly sensitive sensors are stored in a climate chamber with a maximum temperature deviation of 0.2 K and this across the entire chamber interior. Just imagine that your process times during vacuum drying are reduced to an optimum, thanks to programme-controlled cycles for ventilation and temperature. Just imagine that your oven runs for many decades, precisely and reliably. With a Memmert your vision becomes reality. Our passion for detail determines the outstanding quality of our temperature control...

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MEMMERT PRODUCTS FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE, ELECTRONICS, PLASTICS AND METAL INDUSTRIES 3 MEMMERT PRODUCTS FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE, ELECTRONICS, PLASTICS AND METAL INDUSTRIES 3 Universal oven Ageing, drying, conditioning Cleanroom drying oven Ageing, drying, conditioning Temperature test chamber Ageing, drying, conditioning Cooled incubator Storing, conditioning Waterbath Sample temperature control Constant climate chamber Stability and material tests, conditioning Climatic test chamber Stability and material tests, conditioning Climate chamber Stability tests acc. to ICH and material tests,...

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We know how: Controlled air exchange UNIVERSAL OVEN U Certain standard applications require controlled fan function and fixed air exchange rates. For the appliances with a TwinDISPLAY, fan speed and flap position can be set in the ControlCOCKPIT with the touch screen or can be programmed as parameters of the test routine with the control and logging software AtmoCONTROL. 32 to 1060 litres +30 °C to +300 °C Natural convection or forced air circulation The success story of Memmert began in the year 1947, with the development of a hot air steriliser for the Red Cross. Today, Memmert heating...

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Application UFP: Tempering of optical lenses The future of cameras, sensors, measuring equipment and other opto-electronic systems belongs to plastic optical lenses. The Nuremberg-based company UPT Optik Wodak GmbH has specialised in the development and manufacturing of these innovative optical components. In order to defuse tensions in plastics, to increase form stability, to minimise the danger of crack formation and to degas undesired volatile substances, the plastic components are tempered for 24 hours in a Memmert drying oven after injection moulding and other processing steps such as...

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ageing/ drying / tempering/ conditioning HEATED STORAGE COLD STORAGE 29 | 49 | 101 litres +20 °C to +200 °C Pressure range: 5 to 1100 mbar Curing, conditioning, degassing, ageing - the vacuum oven VO can do much more than just drying. Substances sensitive to heat and oxygen are treated gently, components with complex geometries are dried residue-free - with unsurpassed energy efficiency thanks to a speed-controlled vacuum pump and thanks to digital pressure control at turbo speed. Ramp programming of temperature and vacuum cycles in combination with direct heating of the thermoshelves...

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ageing/ DRYING / TEMPERING /CONDITIONING/ HEATED STORAGE /COLD STORAGE 7 Application IPP: Storage tests of decorative cosmetics Faber-Castell cosmetics COMPRESSOR-COOLED INCUBATOR ICPeco I 256 | 449 | 749 litres -12 °C to +60 °C If a large number of samples have to be permanently incubated, you can rely on the maximum utilisation of the chamber in the cooled incubator ICPeco. This environmentally-friendly cooled incubator with compressor technology is cooled with climate-neutral CO2. Thanks to the excellent thermodynamic properties of the CO2 refrigerant (R744) and the finely adjusted...

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C L IMATE-CONT ROLLED S TORAGE CONSTANT CLIMATE CHAMBER HPP 108 | 256 | 384 | 749 | Application HPP: Adjusting sensors 1060 | 1360 litres 0 °C to +70 °C (HPP110 to HPP1060) Energy efficiency and comfort in buildings depend to a large degree on the technology with which temperature, air quality, air humidity or brightness can be precisely measured and auto +15 °C to +60 °C (HPP1400) matically adjusted. For years, the innovative Nuremberg company S+S Regeltechnik has been one of the German manufacturers who have been setting the pace in the development of sensor Humidity 10 to 90 % rh...

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HEATED STORAGE CLIMATE-CONTROLLED STORAGE • Feed-throughs and ducts • Special fittings for special applications (e.g. weighing equipment) • Limiting temperatures in the heating and cooling range • Air exchange rates • Relative humidity • Light intensity and spectrum Customisation department as a "development assistant" The Memmert customisation department regards itself as an extension of the customer's construction or R & D department and adapts standard appliances to special needs. Their solutions are economic as well as technologically advanced and customers profit from the full...

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C L IMATE-CONT ROLLED S TORAGE CLIMATE CHAMBER ICHeco Application ICH: Testing control appliances in the climate chamber The precision and reaction time with which sensors react to changes in ambient conditions is what makes the difference in a control appliance for building technology as well as in a temperature control chamber. For this reason, Stuhl Regelsysteme GmbH from Spalt in Bavaria is testing the functionality of its electronic control appliances for the fields heating, climate and ventilation in a Memmert climate chamber ICH. 100% AtmoSAFE! The ICHeco is the...

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Application CTC: Climate testing of light-alloy wheels The production of the Fuchsfelge® wheel for the legendary Porsche 911 is how Otto Fuchs KG became famous. Today, the product range includes different light-alloy wheels for several car makers’ premium class, which is why Otto Fuchs KG places great importance on quality a ssurance. In a Memmert climatic test chamber, prototypes and pilot runs are tested for corrosion resistance. Once a scratch mark is applied to the surface, it stays in a salt fog chamber under defined c onditions for 24 hours for example and is afterwards put in a...

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