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AutoQuant 200i

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Diagnostics Where research becomes the basis of discovering newer ways of alleviating human suffering and empowering an individual with good health.

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Meril Diagnostics Emerging from a lineage of successful business enterprise, Meril Diagnostics is an in-vitro diagnostic arm of the multi million dollar MNC group . Meril Diagnostic’s core objective is to design, manufacture and distribute, clinically relevant, state of the art and best in class analyzers and reagents to alleviate human suffering and improve Quality of Life. Corporate Office Meril's corporate office sits proud ensconced within the serene hill sides of Chala town; located 150 kms north of Mumbai at Vapi Meril Park 300,000 sq feet state of the art manufacturing, research and...

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Fully-automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer V Throughput: Up to 200 Tests / hour for 2 reagents Up to 240 Tests / hour for single reagent V Analysis Method : End Point, Fixed Time (2-point), Kinetic Rate-A, Kinetic Rate-B V Assay Modes : Colorimetric, Turbidimetry, Single and Double reagent, Multi standard, Mono and Bi - Chromatic V Random Access with STAT function V Measurement Principle : Photometry V Sample Positions: Maximum 30 positions V 30 onboard cooled reagent positions maintained by water cooled Peltier system V Auto positioning for bar coded reagents V 60 dismountable, easily...

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Auto uant 200 is a fully automated, random access, patient prioritized analyzer with throughput of up to 200 tests / hour for double reagent and up to 240 tests / hour for single reagent, making it ideal for small to mid sized laboratory. Auto uant 200 is provided with 30 sampling positions with possibility of using bar codes sample tubes. Continuous loading possible with STAT samples can be placed at any free positions. 30 cooled reagent positions available with auto-positioning of MERIL reagents. Auto uant 200 is equipped with sample and reagent probe with liquid level sensor. Analyzer is...

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Throughput System Functions Analysis Method Assay Modes Sample / Reagent handling Sample Volume Sample Dilution Reagent Position Reagent Volume Reaction System Reaction Cuvette Cuvette Washing Water Consumption Optical length of cuvette Reaction Volume Reaction Time Reaction Temperature Optical System Measurement Light Source Wavelength Absorbance Range Resolution Double Reagent : 200 Tests / hour    Calibration Single Reagent : 240 Tests / hour Operation System Input and Output Input Output Dimensions Weight Calibration Points Auto re-run Data Storage Quality Control Working...

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AutoQuant (Fluid Stable Reagents) AutoQuant Controls, Calibrators and Cleaning Fluid CODE ANALYTE PACK SIZE CODE ANALYTE Albumin Amylase Alkaline Phosphatase A at ,G-'T AsA| , GOI-Bilirubin Total Bilirubin Direct Calcium A Crealinine Creatine Kinase NAC Creatine Kinase MB Cholesterol Compliment 3 Compliment 4 HDL Cholesterol (Direct) LDL Cholesterol (Direct) Chloride Y-Glutamyl Transferase Glucose Lactate Dehydrogenase Magnesium Phosphorous Total Protein Microprotein Triglyceride Uric Acid Urea Anti Streptolysin-O (ASO) Apolipoproiein Al (APO A1) Apolipoprotein B (APO B) CRP Ultra Micro...

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