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Celquant 3: 3 Parts Differential Analyzer

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Where research becomes the basis of discovering newer ways of alleviating human suffering and empowering an individual with good health.

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3 Parts Differential Analyzer v Based on Volumetric and Rate Measurement Digital filtering Blood cells overlap calibration Floating threshold technology v User friendly software v 1000 tests and 570 QC storage memory

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Fully automated hematology analyzer with 20 parameters and 3 LYM#, MON#, GRA#, RDW-CV, RDW-SD, PDW, MPV, PCT, P-LCR. Accurate and Reliable results CelQuant 3 uses digital filtering, blood cells overlap calibration, fitting curve, floating landmark technology. Separate chambers for RBC and WBC counting. Based on Volumetric and Rate Measurement principles. Perfect Quality Control function CelQuant 3 has three types of quality Easy Maintenance CelQuant 3 is provided with Zap and backflush cleaning, effectively avoid aperture blocking. v Electro hydraulic separation structure design. v...

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Innovative Features Technical Specifications Sample Type Sample Consumption Cross Contamination Aperture Diameter Data Storage Cell Morphology Alarm Power Supply Data Output Operating Environment WBC, RBC and PLT - Electrical Impedence method HBG - SLS, Colorimetric, Cyanide free Manual, Automatic and Fresh blood Whole blood, pre-diluted blood Whole blood 13 A/I, prediluted 20jul Up to 100 patient's results; 570 QC results Abnormal Cells alarm for RBC / PLT Built-in Thermal Printer 320 x 40 resolution, 5.6 inches LCD display

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PACK SIZE Muktanand Marg, Gujarat, India. Meril GmbH. Meril South America Email: diagnostics@merillife.com Website: www.merillife.com

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