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Cliniquant: Semi-Automated Biochemistry Analyzer

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Where research becomes the basis of discovering newer ways of alleviating human suffering and empowering an individual with good health.

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Merilyzer CliniQuant Semi-Automated Biochemistry Analyzer Pre loaded test protocols 100 open test programmes 32 fj\ quartz flow cell, minimum aspiration of 200 jj\ Real time graph display Report Management Software Designed for various assays Clinical Chemistry Special Proteins Therapeutic Drugs

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Innovative Features CliniQuant js a compact, high performance, biochemistry analyzer for routine chemistries and turbidimetric immuno CliniQuant js provided with large LCD display with LED back light that allows excellent visuals, thus eliminating manual errors during data entry. PARAHE AfFLICA The Qwerty keyboard ensures ease of operation during assays. incubator slots that provide mixtures thus ensuring optimal reaction with A resolution of 0.0001 helps to detect even the slightest changes in Optical Densities for all type of assays. Such high sensitivity of the analyzer ensures that even...

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Technical Specifications Assay Types / Modes Programmable Tests Sample Type Measurement Methods Wavelengths(Filter wheel) Stray Light Delay / Incubation Time Read Time Aspiration Volume Flowcell Volume Cross Contamination Flow Cell Temperature Light Source Result Reports Quality Controls Operating Voltage Storage Temperature Operating Environment Language Supported 7 modes (End Point, Fixed Time, Rate, Multi Standard, Absorbance Sample Blank and Sample Blank Non Linear) Serum / Urine / Plasma / Body Fluids / Hemolysate 3 - 999 sees for End Point and 30 - 999 seconds for Kinetic / Fixed time...

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(Fluid Stable Reagents) (Freeze Dried Reagents) ANALYTE PACK SIZE ALPFDR - 01 ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE 5x10 ml ALPFDR - 02 ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE 10x3 ml CKNFDR - 01 CREATINE KINASE 5x2.5 ml CKMFDR - 01 CREATINE KINASE-MB 5x2.5 ml GGTFDR - 01 GAMMA GT (Glupa) 5 x 3 ml URCFDR - 02 URIC ACID 5x5 ml CliniQuant Controls Muktanand Marg, Gujarat, India. Meril GmbH. Meril South America Email: Website:

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