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Where research becomes the basis of discovering newer ways of alleviating human suffering and empowering an individual with good health.

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Meril Diagnostics Emerging from a lineage of successful business enterprise, Meril Diagnostics is an in-vitro diagnostic arm of the multi million dollar group Meril Diagnostic's core objective is to design, manufacture and distribute, clinically relevant, state of the art and best in class analyzers and reagents to alleviate human suffering and improve Quality of Life. Corporate Office Meril's corporate office sits proud ensconced within the serene of Chala town; located 150 kms north of Mumbai at Vapi 300,000 sq feet state of the art manufacturing, research and development facility located...

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Coagulation Analyzer Advanced scattered light principle Test performed : PT, APTT, FIB, TT and single factor tests Sample Positions : 16 positions (ClotQuant 2) / 24 positions (ClotQuant 4) Reagent Positions : 4 positions (ClotQuant 2) / 6 positions (ClotQuant 4) Storage : 5000 test results Data Recall : By date and Id Built-in thermal printer Electronically-linked pipette QC data storage : 120 for 3 levels of QC Cost effective determination by micro volumes On board Stop Watch

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Innovative Features ClotQuant™ is a micro processor-controlled; two or four channel optical coagulation analyzer used to determine basic parameters of hemostasis in human citrated blood sample. Detecting Principle ClotQuant™ is based on Advanced Scattered Light principle, hence no interference from Lipemic and Icteric samples. ClotQuant is designed to carry out coagulometric tests such as Prothrombin Time (FT), Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT), Fibrinogen (FIB), Thrombin Time (IT) and single factor Integrated System ClotQuant™ is equipped with Electronically-linked pipette to...

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Technical Specifications Measuring Principle Reagent Type Reagent Consumption Tests Performed Test wavelength Testing channels Sample pre-warming positions Reagent pre-warming positions Dispense precision Temperature control precision Channel consistency Linearity error Power supply Communication interface Work environment Advanced scattered light PT, APTT TT Fibrinogen and clotting factors Activated partial thromboplastin time tolerance ± 2 s Activated partial thromboplastin time tolerance within one hour ± 2s Each channel activated partial thromboplastin time tolerance ± 2s Fibrinogen...

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ClotQuant FSR (Fluid Stable Reagents) PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Detection of acquired or congenital disorders in extrinsic pathway Fibrinogen disorders by measuring formation of fibrin clot Diagnosing acquired and congenital hemorragic disorders PACK SIZE Meril Park, Muktanand Marg, Gujarat, India. Meril GmbH. Meril South America Meril Tibbi Cihazlar Tuzla Kimya Sanayicilen O.S.B. No:68, PK. 34956 Tuzla - Istanbul / Turkiye. Email: Website:

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