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EIAQuant Microplate Reader

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Diagnostics Where research becomes the basis of discovering newer ways of alleviating human suffering and empowering an individual with good health.

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Mef"ilyzer IEIAQ Jant EIAQ.Jant adopts sophisticated embedded computer control technology with 8 optical channels, designed to measure the absorbance of the contents in microwell provided with the functions of automatic feeding, automatic measuring, automatic data analysis and processing that assures reliable measurement and minimum maintenance. EIAWash is the perfect choice for 96 well plates with the flexibility of 8 channels or 12 channels manifolds washing options, programmed aspiration and dispensing that employs a reliable, simple and innovative design simplifying its maintenance....

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Merilyzer EIAQ!Jant Ease of Operation EIAQ Jant is provided with large touch screen LCD display enabling the operator ease of operation. Detection Principle Vertical Photometry Assay Modes Absorbance, Quantitative, Semiquantitative, Qualitative Efficiency EIAQ Jant has an ability to read at dual wavelengths. The eight channels optical system delivers high precision and speed. Read time for 96 well microtitre plate is 8 sees and 18 sees using single and dual wavelength respectively. Microplate Types Measuring System 8 Channels fibre optics optical system Reading Speed Monochromatic - 8 sees...

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Ease of Operation EIAWash user friendly software enables operator for programming protocols easily and conveniently using large monochrome LCD display keypad. Technical Specifications EIAWash is programmed with integrated liquid level sensors for waste bottles. Designed with removable washing manifolds with 8 and 12 channels, making it easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance. EIAWash can be programmed to provide multistep combinations of aspirate I dispense I soak time cycles, to ease assay protocols. Dispensing volume can be adjusted from 50 jil- 400 Jil . Programmable wash cycle of...

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CODE ANALYTE PACK SIZE RACK SIZE Diabetes Monitoring CODE ANAL Muktanand Marg, Gujarat, India. Merit GmbH. Merit South America Email: diagnostics@merillife.com Website: www.merillife.com

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