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Merilyzer Lumiquant

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Where research becomes the basis of discovering newer ways of alleviating human suffering and empowering an individual with good health.

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LumiQuant js a state of art microplate luminometer, designed to meet the demanding requirements of today's microplate based, glow luminescence applications, that improves efficiency, reliability and saves time. Detection system - Photo Multiplier Tube Detection mode-Glow Luminescence ' Accommodates 96 and 48 wells microplate High sensitivity Measurement time - 0.1 sec / well OR < 40 sees per 96 well Plate ' Windows® control and evaluation software Merilyzer LumiQuant

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Innovative Features High Sensitivity LumiQuant has high sensitivity of 1 x 10"23 mole HRP that allows detection of lower analyte concentrations, early diagnosis of diseases and efficient monitoring of treatments. LumiQuant works with fast Luminol based reaction system, high reading speed I greatly improves assay precision across the plate. It takes less than 40 seconds to read a 96 - well plate at 0.1 sec integration time. LumiQuant has a sophisticated, adaptive positioning system wherein the PMT detector is placed as close as possible above the sample vessel / reaction vessel thus...

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Innovative Features 'X-Value Y-Value ^wmtoF Group 1 <Cutoff 1 < Group 2 < Cutoff 2 Group 3 < Cutoff 3 Group 4 Assay validation LumiQ^ant assay performance can be verified based on formulae that define the required validation criteria. Meas. Valw Meas. Valul Built in Quality control LumiQuant built in QC functions to monitor and statistically analyze controls overtime and test runs. Multitest and kindling test LumiQuant process up to 12 different assays per sample" (multitest) or up to 5 subsequently drawn samples of one patient (kindling test) in one plate. Technical Specifications...

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Muktanand Marg, Gujarat, India. Meril GmbH. Meril South America Email: Website:

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