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Brochure in English - Machine washable hospital bed Carena - 8 Pages

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Brochure in English - Machine washable hospital bed Carena

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Purely Finnish design PATIENT WARD Machine washable

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The popular Carena is now machine washable Merivaara’s revolutionary and popular Carena bed has all the features required by healthcare professionals, both from the point of view of ergonomics and patient safety. Washable Carena complies with the strictest standards and hygienic criteria. The new special Carena model is suitable for the demanding conditions imposed by machine washing. Additionally, its antibacterial coating reduces bacterial growth on the frame. Therefore, Carena is an ideal choice, both in primary care and ER and in long-term care. For the benefit of medical personnel –...

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Washable Carena complies with the strictest standards and hygienic criteria The new machine washable Carena hospital bed complies with standard EN 60601-2-52 on medical beds, and it meets the criteria of section on “Machine washable medical bed”. The frame structure coating meets the class C5-M criteria of the ISO 12944-6 standard ”Paints and varnishes Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems - Part 6: Laboratory performance test methods”. The criteria of class C5-M correspond to the severe environmental conditions of 15 years in marine climate....

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For the benefit of patients – a safe and ergonomic choice Carena provides patients with best-in-class ergonomics. The bed was designed keeping in mind the increases in the average weight of patients and in the relative number of elderly patients. The minimum height of Merivaara’s Carena bed makes it easier for short patients to climb in and out of the bed on their own. The safe working load of the bed is 330kg, which means the bed is safe for obese patients, as well. Correct and variable treatment positions are crucial for patient comfort, and they are easy to carry out with the...

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Correct and variable treatment positions are crucial for patient com- The Trendelenburg position is often used to support postural care. fort, and they are easy to carry out with the four-sectional mat- The vertical raising motion does not require additional space, which tress base. Climbing in and out of bed has been made easy for the means the position can be changed, even in tight surroundings. The patients. unique lifting mechanism has been patented. The optional night light improves safety, also during dark hours. Bed The optional patient panel can be used as a handy reading light. Bed...

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Factory assembled and optional accessories Bed end options Side rail options One-sectional, foldable rail A41974400 light blue (RAL 5024 blue (RAL 5023) lilac (RAL 4012) white (RAL 9002 light green (RAL 6021) red (RAL 3020) yellow (RAL 1003) beige (RAL 1015) beech birch • chromed • painted silver RAL9006 3/4 rail A42362500 • chromed • painted silver RAL9006 • painted white RAL9002 Frame colour Ergonomic bed end (height 48cm), 85 cm, A42180200 Standard: • Antibacterial silver (RAL 9006) Ergonomic bed end (height 40cm), 85 cm, A42180300 Ergonomic standard bed end, 85cm, A42189900 Foldable bed...

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Other accessories Other brackets and holders Hook for electric cable, A41987307 Oxygen bottle holder 5 kg, 100005870 Holder for hand control, A42274500 Adapter A42066600 Adapter for the grab handle and the patient’s control panel, A42066600 Urine bottle holder, 128009790 Other Accessory rail, 1 pc 100000701 Brackets, A41980200 Foldable push bars, 100009756 Please note the accessories are originally intended for the standard Carena bed, and they have not been designed for machine washing (except the dual castors). Technical data TECHNICAL FEATURES Frame Epoxy coated, antibacterial Mattress...

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Solutions for efficient physical patient flow and well-being Merivaara’s medical products are CE-labelled and the company’s quality management system complies with EU directives for medical device. It is certied by DNV according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 standards. The company’s environmental management system is ISO 14001:2004 certied. The status of the information, specications and illustrations in this publication is indicated by the date of publication. Whilst the greatest care has been taken over its compilation, Merivaara not responsible for any errors or omissions....

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