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Merivaara has created revolutionary hospital bed Carena, which has all the most asked-for features combined in the new bed the needs of nursing staff as well as an increase in the average weight of the population and the relative number of elderly persons have been taken into consideration In its design. This is why Merivaara has created a bed whose minimum height makes it easy for smaller patients to get in and out of on their own, and whose maximum safe working load of 330 kg allows for even the heaviest patients. This next-generation hospital bed is equally suited to emergency room and...

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• High safe working load: 330 kg • Unique lower and upper height: 295 mm – 890 mm • Unparalleled patient ergonomics: - 4-sectional mattress base - Electric Trendelenburg as an option - Independent patient movements • State-of-the-art ergonomics for the nurse - Ergonomics for the working positions - Easy to clean - Multifunctional accessories - Lightness in the braking system • Comfort in use • Lightness in weight (100kg) and transporting • Innovative structure and new design • Exceptional range of colours • Long service life-cycle and ease of the maintenance • New gas spring assisted 3/4...

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4-sectional mattress base Re-measured thigh section ensures a comfortable position for the patient when adjusting the mattress base and effectively prevents the patient from sliding when moving the back section. Correct, variable treatment positions are of the utmost importance for patient well-being and those are easy to carry out with 4-sectional mattress base. Self-acting The solid construction of the bed and correct placement of handler on the sides and ends makes it easy for the patient to get in and out on their own. Unique lower height 295 mm The unique and revolutionary lower height...

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• Thorax imaging made easy: - no need to lift patient - exact positioning of the grid - imaging even in semi-sitting position • New 3/4 sectional sturdy side rails are safe to use and high enough for thick intensive care mattresses • Adjustable 4-sectional matterss base -The cardiac chair -, the Fowler and the Psoas positions etc. are easy to adjust • Exceptional low minimum height 358 mm • Passive Air Mattress with pressure care performance and multi-membrane technology • SWL 330 kg X-ray mattressbase with airpump to X-plane • Carena’s X-ray mattress base with airpump to X-plane enables...

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Carena was made according to the needs of the hospital personnel - numerous new features and accessories enhance ergonomics for the nursing staff and ease heavy nursing work. The design of the new mattress base, removable base plates, the new brake pedal design and many more outstanding features will make our bed a nursing staff favourite. The Carena is light in terms of its construction and manoeuvrability. The bed itself weighs approx.100 kg; ease and high manoeuvrability were also emphasised in selecting the castor materials. Together, these features make the Carena wonderfully easy to...

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Ease of the cleaning The design of the new mattress base and removable base plates make cleaning easy. Clean and contoured lines, no sharp angles either small gaps, and the washable base plates/optional metal net, make the cleaning very easy. Accessory rail Instead of the standard side rails an accessory rail can be attached to the side of the bed enabling the use of the arm rests. (Optional accessory) Light manoeuvrability Average patient weights are constantly increasing, thus placing major demands on product durability. Carena also breaks new ground here - the maximum allowable patient...

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Versatile range of accessories With a wide range of accessories Carena can be placed as well in an emergency room, long-term care or intensive care. Most common Merivaara bed accessories are compatible with Carena. Older bed models are easily upgraded with new, colourful and compatible accessories. Long service life-cycle The Carena has a long service life-cycle. Carena beds are durable and easy to maintain, designed for long-term, high-wear use. The bed has an IP-class of IP66 and is suitable even for washing street use. Exceptional range of colours Merivaara offers a wide variety of...

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Mattress • • • • • • • • Medi-Form visco-elastic 80 cm, hyg. cover 100000948 Medi-Form visco-elastic 90 cm, hyg. cover 100000949 Medi-Flex-Safe, hygienic cover, 80 cm 100000941 Medi-Flex-Safe, hygienic cover, 90 cm 100000943 Basic mattress, 80cm 100000932 Basic mattress, 90cm 100000934 Passive Air Mattress 200 x 75 x 13cm 100000962 Passive Air Mattress 200 x 85 x 13cm 100000963 100000962, 100000963 Side rails • 3/4 side rail with gas spring, A42362500 epoxy coated or chromed • 1-sectional, foldable A41974400 epoxy coated or chromed Bed ends • • • • • • • • Bed end, 80 cm 100009890 Bed end,...

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Castors • • • • 125 mm PJP and Design 150 mm PJP and Design 200 mm Design The fth wheel as an option A41856300 Baskets • Journal basket 128009784 • Utility basket A41955500 Optional fth wheel A41856300 Fifth wheel On the left is shown how the turning radius decreases with the assist of the fth wheel. On the right the radius without the fth wheel. Plane • Monitor/journal plane 128009768 Electrical Component • Attendant control panel TLB A41987800 • Battery A41956300 Infusion rods • 2-hooks 100005780 • 4-hooks 100000499 • Infusion bag holder for lifting pole 100000713 128009784 A41955500...

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markprint 30104/06/2011 200 Rights to model and structural changes reserved. Merivaara Corp. Puustellintie 2, FI-15150 LAHTI, FINLAND Tel. +358 3 3394 611, fax +358 3 3394 6144 merivaara@merivaara.

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